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    Several Rakhines Arrested for Drug-Peddling in Arakan State

    By M.S. Anwar 
    July 08, 2014

    Entrance to Taung Gote Township
    Myanmar Police arrested at least six Rakhines in two townships of Arakan State for Drugs Peddling in recent days, according to Narinjara News Agency.

    Taun Gote and Man Aung Townships have, as a result of decades-long systematic and institutionalized ethnic cleansing, become two Rohingya Muslims free zone. At the same time, these two regions are also notorious for being hotspots for drug-smuggling.

    “On June 1, Man Aung Police said that they had arrested four Rakhines red handed with ‘48 Cards of Yaba Tablet and Kyat 4.2 Million drug money. They are:

    1)     Ko Thar Khaung Gyi @Ko Ko Aung, hails from Annauk-Su Quarter

    2)     U Tuan Min Hlat

    3)     U Pho Htuu

    4)     One more person

    The former is the main drug peddler and the latter three were arrested because they were found together with the former. One of them was released later on the day as he was doubtful to be a drug smuggler. Other three are still in detention” Narinjara News Agency reported. (Original Report: HERE)

    On July 4, mother and son duo was arrested in Taung Gote Township in relation to the above-mentioned drug-smuggling ring.

    “Taung Gote Police raided house no. 121 located at Gat Nauk Road in Guataa Quarter of Taugote Township on July 4. The Police arrested Daw Khin San Yee (of age 55) and her son, Aung Chit San @Tharr Gyi (of age 29), together with three cards of Yaba Tablets.

    The Police raided the house actin g on the

    admission by the people arrested with drugs earlier that they had bought from the drugs the mother and son duo” the news agency mentioned in another report. (Original Report: HERE)
    The king of drug-peddlers in Taung Gote is reported to be an extremist Rakhine man known as U Kyauk Taung. He has become the wealthiest man in the township by smuggling drugs to ‘Teknaf Region of Bangladesh.’ He sells drugs to ‘Bodi, MP of the Region’ and in exchange, Bodi also supplies weapons to U Kyauktaung.

    Sometimes, few Rohingyas, too, fall prey to drug-peddling trade driven by hunger and total lack of employment. They are, most of the time, used as middle agents.