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Canadian Senator appeals for Rohingya solidarity

By World Bulletin
July 07, 2014 
Canadian Senator Mobina S. B. Jaffer addressed her colleagues in the Senate to birng attention to the oppression of the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar.
‘The United Nations has called the now-stateless Rohingya one of the most persecuted minorities on Earth. The Rohingya have been in Myanmar since the 8th century, yet the government refuses to grant them citizenship. Instead, they are called Bengali insurgents who are in Myanmar illegally,’ she said.
Noting that some Buddhist leaders compare Rohingya Muslims to ‘jackals and wolves in order to dehumanize them’, she referred to the acts of the Arakanese Buddhists as ‘ethnic cleansing’.
To put her point across she also told of an account of a 24-year-old Rohingya man from the Yan Thei village who said that the Arakanese had stormed his village in October 2012, burning it down to the ground and killing at least 30 children were killed, 25 women, and 10 men.
‘Since the start of the attacks, many Rohingya have been expelled from their homes and restricted to overcrowded camps. Here they are subjected to malnourishment and cruel treatments. Human rights and medical aid organizations have tried to help, but they have been restricted by government forces,’ Senator Jaffer said.
‘I dream of a day when people all over the world will be able to exercise their faith as we do in our great country,’ she concluded, calling the Canadian Senate to show solidarity with the Rohingya people.