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    Rohingya Jailed under false accusation for Ducheeratan Massacre in western Burma

    By Ibrahim Shah
    Maungdaw, western Burma– It is reported by a police from Police station of Maungdaw District that 8 Rohingya defendants were imprisoned. Respectively, they were imprisoned for 7 years with hard labor by the Maungdaw District court. The main reason behind such long term jail against them was because they were alleged that they involved in massacre.
    According to the statement of a responsible person from Maungdaw District court, the 8 defendants–Shomshu Alam, Zahid Alam, Shomshu Alam, Romali, Mohamed Rafiq, Mustafa Kamal , Kamla Uddin and Robiullah— were interrogated 14 times. Afterwards, they were charged  as above.
     rohingya arrest
    Moreover, the police station of Maungdaw District issued warrant order for more 46 Rohingya defendants.
    According to statement by some Rohingya elders, “this kind of bringing false allegations against Rohingya by Burmese government is to escape international investigation for the Ducheeratan Massacre where many Rohingya houses were burnt down, and some Rohingya women   were detained in police custody and tortured both physically and mentally. The private parts of the Rohingya women were burnt by candle in police custody. The real perpetrators are lawyers as well as juries thus there is no justice for Rohingya.”
    The massacre was premeditatedly occurred in January 2014 and many Rohingya were massacred by government forces. The government armed forces accuse that one police officer were missed with a gun.
    These kinds of state-sponsored injustice against Rohingya are occurring daily particularly in Rathedaung, Buthidaung and Muangdaw. Buddhist authorities extort money by false accusations increasingly as well.
    Source: Burma Times