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Maungdaw Police Arrest a Rohingya under Arbitrary Accusation of Theft

By Maung Z
June 14, 2014

Arakan: Maungdaw Police arbitrarily accused Mv Siddique of theft and
arrested him subsequently on 13th June 2014. He is a religious scholar
and trader hails from the village of Italia in Maungdaw Township.

U Siddique (of age 55) is a local of the village of Hla Tha Augh of
Italia Village Tract, Maungdaw. He trades used motor vehicles in the
village. Around 11:30AM on 13th June 2014, a Rakhine (Magh) man hails
from Quarter 3 of Maungdaw arrived at his shop to buy a used jeep car.
The Rakhine was looking around in his shop. All of a sudden, he started
claiming that his 4 Million Kyats kept in the box under his motorcycle
seat got stolen.

the Rakhine man phoned Maungdaw Police Station. 16 Police Personnel
arrived at the place of the incident by eight motorcycles. The police
arrested and detained him in Maungdaw Police Station. He is said to have
been being tortured and not released yet” said an eyewitness.

seems that the plot to accuse Mv Siddique of stealing money was
predetermined. They trapped the Mv Siddique to torture him and to
squeeze money from him” he added.

Source Rvision TV