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Curfew Order Extended for Two More Months in Maungdaw Tsp

June 9, 2014

Maungdaw, Arakan: On June 8, 2014, Maungdaw Township Administration announced that Curfew Order under Section 144 extended once more for two months. Therefore, the curfew order from 11PM to 4AM will be in effect in Maungdaw Township until August 8, 2014

The curfew order was first imposed on June 8, 2012, a day when violence against Rohingyas took full-fledged form starting in Maungdaw. However, the curfew order has never prevented Rakhine extremists from roaming free to cause destructions to Rohingya communities in the region. Many Rakhines together with Police and Security Force (Hlunhtein) have torched Rohingya homes and robbed their shops during the curfew period.

On the other hand, when authorities find Rohingya people outside their homes even before the time of the curfew period, they (authorities) beat them up, they (authorities) arrest them, they (authorities) extort money from them, and they (authorities) imprison them. During the time of tensed situation, the authorities have even killed many Rohingya people taking advantage of the curfew order” said a local Rohingya of Maungdaw.

He also added “in short, the curfew is imposed just to prevent Rohingya people from defending their lives and properties. And the authority, since the time violence against us began, has kept extending the period of the curfew order.”

“Besides, Border Guard Police (BGP) led by commander in chief, colonel Tin Ko Ko, will carry out Nasaka Style Census Operation against Rohingya. They will start it on June 10, 2012 according to their announcement. But I urge my fellow Rohingyas to wisely refuse to participate because it is another tactic to classify as Bengali. What they can do maximum are harassments and tortures” he urged.

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