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Breaking news: Burma well-prepared to Confront against Bangladesh

By Ibrahim Shah / Burma Times
June 02, 2014

Yangoon, Burma: It is reliably learnt by a Major from Yangoon who concealed the name for security that the Burmese united armed unit (BUAU) is well prepared to confront the western gate, Burma- Bangladesh border if the Border Guard Bangladesh Patrol Team (BGBPT) move forward following themost recent incident in which a member of BGBPT was killed by Burmese Border Police(BBP).

Moreover, Burmese troops are well prepared to severely confront with Bangladesh which is proportionally one-fourth of Burma. Burma draws policy of zero-tolerance in border-tensions and Burmese ‘Tatmadaw’ (army) determined to occupy from Teknaf to Chittagong hill tract if Bangladesh moves forward against the Burma, he added.

According to Nay Pyi Taw(Central government) source, the Burmese united armed unit—paramilitary, police force, border guard police, navy, army and intelligence department— already mobilized in western gate in order to protect it from sudden penetration of BGBPT.

Unfortunately, following the mobilization of Burmese united armed units along western gate, Burma-Bangladesh border, Rohingya residents in Maungdaw district face terrible catastrophic situation. The Burmese united armed unit forcefully orders Rohingya to carry the heavy loads of the BUAU. The Rohingya residents terribly fear that the BUAU will massively arrest them in this so called border tension opportunity as the BUAU mistreat them repressively now.

It is most fearful that the BUAU set some Rohingya with their BUAU uniform along the western gate in order to defense the members of BUAU during shot against the BGBPT and the Rohingya residents do not return to their residence from mountainous forests where Burmese Border Police erected camps and their families are seriously upset.

Many Burmese retired generals from Yangoon commented that the tension between Burma and Bangladesh is a kind of unwanted tension which the Burmese quasi-civilian regime led by President Thein Sein created to maneuver the military power and to win in 2015 poll standing on the side of Rakhine extremists who do not want Rohingya.