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Yet another Rohingya Woman Die at her Delivery Due to Lack of Medication

Motherless at Birth!! The mother passed away as soon as the baby was born. (Photo: Hussein)

By Hussein and M.S. Anwar

Sittwe (Akyab), Arakan– A 28-year-old Rohingya woman passed away right after her delivery in Thakkay Pyin (Sakki Fara) IDP Camps in Sittwe (Akyab) around 7:45PM (Myanmar Time) on 2nd May 2014. She apparently died from shock due to heavy loss of blood. There is no medical treatment available for Rohingya people in the camps.

“Shabikun Nahar (daughter of) Mohammed (of Age 28) was facing difficulties to deliver her baby. She was laboring and feeling pain. Besides, she was suffering from heavy loss of blood. There are no medical opportunities or access to healthcare for Rohingya people in the camps.

Some experienced people tried to give her treatment. But unfortunately, she passed away at around 7:45PM on May 3, 2014. However, she left her baby behind. Hence, the baby is still alive.

The woman had been living in the camps of Thakkay Pyin (Sakki Fara) before she died” said a local Rohingya in the camp.

“She is another woman that added the long list of the women that have died from the lack of medical cares in the camps. Please help our people in the way you can” he continued.

Source: RvisionTV