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Unsecured life of Rohingya Refugee in Bangladesh

By Ibrahim Shah
Burma Times
May 14, 2014

Kutupalong, Ukhiya, Bangladesh: The Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh refugee camp encounter unsecured life nowadays as the newly recruited Camp-in-Charge (CIC) increasingly perpetrates violations. On 13/5/2014, at 10 am, two elderly men were sent to police custody.
Since 6 months, two youths—Abdul Mabud( MRC no. 02624, Shed 42, Block E)  and Zuhra Begum( MRC no. 10007, Shed 33, Block F), both aged 17, were engaged in love affairs. Fearing the parents’ disagreement for early marriage, both the bride and bridegroom fled the camp. Afterwards, the respective parents brought them back.
Ex-CIC Mr. Jalal Uddin ordered the parents to keep them separately because they are not aged to legal marriage. Last week, the two fools of love affairs fled again. When their parents informed to concerned authority to postpone the immature-marriage; immediately, Md Amin, father of bridegroom and Ayoub Ali, father of bride, were arrested and send them custody.
The camp-Chairman who is well-known person amongst Rohingya tried his best to set free them but failed.
Since the new CIC has been recruited, the Rohingya refugees encounter unsecured life and severe confinements even in movement. He issued order to refrain from coming out of homes after 8 pm and pre-warned that all those who disobey the order will be charged severely.
During his this ongoing CIC-term, he beat many elderly people and mistreat brutally.
Concurrently, Rohingya people face double suffering— torture by Bangladeshi authority inside camp and violence by Bangladeshi local thugs outside camp.
Please come forward without further delay regardless faith and political views, to save us from butcher-hands of these Bangladeshi mischievous people, appealed by some Rohingya virgins and widows from Kutupalong Refugee Camp.