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Rakhine Police Harass and Loot Rohingya Passers-By

Myanmar Police in Maungdaw District, composed of mainly Rakhine extremists, have been exploiting all means possible to persecute helpless Rohingyas.

May 14, 2014

Maungdaw, Arakan state- Rohingya passers-by are daily harassed and looted by Rakhine Police stationed at the monastery in a Rakhine village under Tharay Kunbaung (Sair Kunbaw) tract, southern Maungdaw.

“Hefzur Rahman is a local of Quarter 2, Maungdaw, and sole trader of live-stocks such as chicken in the township. While on his way back to his village with the chickens he had bought in Maungdaw south, around 12:30PM on 12th May 2014, he was stopped by Police stationed at Monastery in Rakhine village of Tharay Kunbaung village tract. They charged him Kyat 1,000 as usual for going through the Police’s check-post.

And they grabbed Kyat 3,000 more asking who gave him permission to trade chickens” said a witness of the incident.

“These Police Officers always harass Rohingya passers-by. They loot money and properties belong to them, motorcyclists and vehicle owners etc. If people refuse to fulfill their demands, they beat people as well. They mainly target Rohingya religious scholars” he continued.