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Breaking News: High alert in Burma-Bangladesh Border

Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh: Today Wednesday, on 28th may, around 9 am, 7 Bangladesh Border Guards (BGB) were attacked by Burmese Border Patrols. The Burmese patrols premeditatedly attacked the BGBs entering Fansori territory in Bangladesh crossing the Border post 52 at Bendula( Aantala Bottala in Rohingyalish) in Burma.
According to source from Bangladesh, the Burmese border patrols killed one BGB, and seized two guns and abducted one BGB personnel.Afterwards, the BGB Sector Commander Farid contacted the responsible personnel of Burma Border Patrol Department to set free the abducted BGB personnel with the seized guns unconditionally.
According to local news, the border area of Burma and Bangladesh is in tense situation and armed units are deployed in both sides.
The Rohingya residents from Bendula territory dread the tense situation because the Rakhine thugs might could trigger violence in the name of protection border from attack by Bangaldeshi armed units.
“Today it is very devastated to come across some Burmese media which reported mistakenly that Rohingya Solidarity Organization attacked the Burmese Border patrols.  Who will be held responsibility for the innocent Rohingya who are victimized for such inaccurate information which incites Buddhist to attack Rohingya and finally the victims become perpetrators under false allegations”, expressed sorrowfully by some Bangladeshi reporters and experts on foreign policies.
Source Burma Times