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Who is responsible for Rohingya Ethnic cleansing of Myanmar?

Displacement and discrimination continue to affect Rohingya (Evangelos Petratos EU/ECHO January 2013)

By Aung Aung
April 06, 2014

One of the beauties of majority people of Myanmar is obedient to the leader. As I mentioned before, majority people are kind, simple, peaceful, obedient and tolerant. The priceless morality of majority became a golden chance for Myanmar dictators who have beenmisusing those good qualities for their selfish carnal desires.

Rohingya ethnic cleansing has been a State policy of Burma since 1960s because of ultra-nationalism by General Ne Win. Ne Win failed to make majority Buddhist to hate non-Buddhists in 40 years, why? I believe that majority Buddhists want to prolong friendship and curtail enmity according to their tradition. Military Junta realized it and started implementing another cruel method by building Dhammaryun everywhere after 1988 nation-wide protest for democracy against regime.

Military Junta built Dhammaryun, pagodas, monasteries and let their monks preaching racism in the name of Buddhism through national media and in every street blocking public road. In reality, their hands lecherous move while they intone “Buddha, Buddha” A person’s true color is revealed when he get carried away.

Ne Win regime had tried to make all Rohingya as Bengali illegal immigrants from Bangladesh but failed in 40 years, and then military junta started increasing speed-volume of persecution with the formation of NaSaKa to make us Bengali. Thein Sein’s so-called reform Government tried to kill all Rohingya in the name of communal violence, when he failed to do so, he demanded UN to expel all Rohingya to a third country.

Regime couldn’t prove a single Rohingya who entered illegally from Bangladesh. State denies the term Rohingya even 100s of official documents regarding Rohingya are in their hand, why? It is because they want to complete their long-term plan of ethnic cleansing by the State.

According to the Census Law of 2014, Myanmar, everyone has the right to declare their own ethnicity but State refuses to accept Rohingya, why? Because State wants to continues marginalization of Rohingya.

President Thein Sein rejected OIC as an excuse of the protest of 1000 Buddhists against humanitarian aids. He said State should respect people’s demand. Now, more than 1 million Rohingya declare their own name but Thein Sein government gave another excuse “National Security”. Myanmar has one of the largest armies in the World and no Rohingya has a gun or a good sword or any kind of weapon to protect their lives.

Besides, all Rohingya are kept under genocidal blockage; starving and dying lack of food and medication daily. State’s excuse of “National Security” is nonsense and an idea of Neo-Nazis for the completion of Rohingya ethnic cleansing.

Thein Sein government has committed to run the census not only in line with international standards but also against census law of Myanmar. According to the Myanmar Census law, all respondents should be allowed to self-identify their ethnicity. Many people don’t trust the discriminatory Census of 2014 because enumerators use pencil and they can easily change name of any ethnic in their sub-census centers, Dhammaryuns, State’s Buddhist propagandaunit. The UN fund described the ban on the term Rohingya, absent of international standards, human right principals and census law.

Majority Buddhists know that all violence in Myanmar are State’s sponsored programsbut as they respect their old tradition, they obey monks and leaders. There is a saying in Burmese “Even Lord Buddha cannot go against the wishes of the congregation of Sanghas” Regime uses it systematically, built Dhammaryuneverywhere, let their own Sanghas, monks, preaching hatred, anti-democracy, nationalism and racism.

Only ruling party is responsible for all violence, ethnic cleansing and Rohingya Genocide of Burma. Majority Buddhist, soldiers and common people are being deceived by the State using Buddhism and media effectively.

According to today’s newspaper, President Thein Sein claims that Power should be in hands of people’s representatives but ignore that principle regarding Rohingya. Representatives of Rohingya had registered as Rohingya in 2014 Census but State denies identifying 1million Rohingya, why? I think State has plan for more violence using 969 Buddhists labeling it “People’s power”. Can majority eliminate minority in democracy reform system? Even a crazy person will say “No” it cannot be called democracy, it is Neo-Nazism.

UN, US, UK, EU and all other international organizations should act immediately to punish Burmese criminals of Rohingya ethnic cleansing for the sake of humanity and to protect the Rohingya and all humanitarian aid-workers.