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UK Conference on “Rohingya Genocide”

By PressTV
They are one of the world’s most persecuted minorities. Caught in a cycle of violence and poverty. Denied citizenship in Myanmar, over one million Rohingya Muslims are without a country of their own. Facing decades of a persecution and destruction that UN human rights envoys say could amount to “crimes against humanity”.
For the first time, this event brings together, activists, academics, judges and survivors of genocide, to discuss whether what happening to the Rohingya Muslims can be called genocide. The event started with a prayer and a minutes silence for genocide victims; from Armenians, Bosnians to Palestinians…and the Rohingyas. Last month, aid agencies were forced to halt operations to Rohingyas after hundreds of extremist Buddhists attacked them. The government is accused of turning a blind eye. Even Nobel peace prize winning opposition leader, Aung Sun Su Ki has remained silent. For survivors of genocide, it is clear what is going on.A clear – and strong message. But until it is acted upon, many Rohingya Muslims will continue to be killed every month.

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