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Insufficient health attention to vulnerable Rohingya refugee in Bangladesh

By Burma Times
April 25, 2014
Over fifteen thousands of unregistered Rohingya refugees stay in “Leda”site camp, the southern part of Bangladesh and a few kilometers far away from the borderland of Burma. Most of the Rohingya refugee face unimaginable difficulties for their survival on account of the official assistances of Bangladesh are rareness as well as their movement is banned up by the Bangladesh. The local residents surrounded the camp and it is situated near the forest that a kilometer deep from the highway. The persecution against refugee is a common conduct such as rape, corruption, abduction, robbery, snatch and murder in the lack of the security forces of Bangladesh. Muslim-aid is an echo budgeting NGO that deal with refugees by some senior staffs of Bangladesh with exposing the crisis of refugee. The Muslim-aid (organization) provides a very few treatment forth chronic maladies and the patients face too difficulties to receive it on account of segregation between Rohingya and Bangladeshi.
Two Rohingya infants and an aged man were passed away due to lack of proper treatment and clinical blockage by Muhammad Alomson of Lalmeah from Leda village, Cox`s bazar district, Bangladesh who has been persecuting to the refugee for six years including cuts for any Rohingya belongings. The Muslim-aid organization was blocked by above miscreant due to his large amount of demand from it`s staffs for two days.
The ERC media and information secretary Mr. Mohamed Ibrahim told to Burmatimes that he visited Bangladesh in 15th April and went to Rohingya refugee camps. He added that Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh face dire situation— food, sanitation, medical care, movement and education, and not any NGOs help them in their current catastrophic situation for ordinarily survival there. Many are afflicted by Hepatitis-B and no medical treatment has been offered to them by any Bangladeshi officials or NGOs.