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Burmese Officials’ Brutalities over Rohingya Religious Students

By Ibrahim Shah 
April 2014

Taung Bazar, Buthidaung– Today in Taung Bazaar, Buthidaung Township at around 10:00 AM, the Captain Tun Naing (from Regiment 552 located near Thin Ga Net village) seized a motor bike belonging to Mohamed Reyas s/o Mv. Mohamed Foyas, aged 20 from Kwe Mura para of Mee Gyaung Zay village tract,a Rohingya Arabic student. Then the said Captain and two of his subordinates beaten the student up severely without any reason. The victim has no doors to complain against the military. These sorts of abuses are going on almost every single day.

The systematic persecution against Rohingya by government officials and its adopted Rakhine Buddhist miscreants have been taking place increasingly day by day in western Burma.

The more the international community advocates to stop such state-sponsored persecution against Rohingya, the more the Rohingya have been suffering and not even hardly few sympathy from Buddhist communities for them, said some Rohingya elders.

Currently, Rohingya children face malnutrition due to lack of proper food and clean water.
A Rohingya woman walking with her baby in Buthidaung – Taung Bazar (photo flickr stateprm)