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Save Rohingya from the spreading of Neo-Nazism

Photo A group of Bangladeshi Buddhist stay in a school in Maungdaw.
By Aung Aung 
The Stateless
A preplanned blaze in DarPaing, Sittwe on 8th March 2014 where 54 houses belonged to Rohingya burnt into ashes, but “it is an accident”, said Myanmar government and its medias. On 9th March 2014, another fire broke out in Duchiradan where 12 houses and 1 Mosque of Rohingya burnt down, but Myanmar government media said  “it is an accusation against Rohingya because Rohingya burnt Rohingyas’ own houses”.
On 10th March 2014, two Rohingya villages: Pan Myaung from Nan Thar Gone village tract and Sin Thay Pyin from Laungdon village tract, are set fire by Rakhine Extremists where caused more than 115 houses burnt into ashes, “Myanmar Medias broadcasted these incidents are as accidence or Rohingya burnt their own houses intentionally”.
Since June 2012, Myanmar government and Medias have been accusing Rohingya victims. Since two major massacres of Rohingya in June and October 2012, MSF has been the most reliable medical access for Rohingya who are kept under genocidal blockage but Myanmar regime defamed it as a bias organization wants to expel it from Myanmar.
Myanmar regime has been using Buddhism as a political tool since 1988; monastery and pagodas in Myanmar of every street are being built by President Thein Sein Buddhists. In every monastery of Myanmar Buddhists has the pile of weapons without the pile of their religious books, is much dangerous for the Muslims of Myanmar! Burning Muslims in Myanmar is piece of cake for Buddhists! The government organized hatred orators in Saffron appearance and formed Neo-Nazism law of Buddhism.                     
Rohingya become the most persecuted human on Earth since 1970s. After 2010 election, Myanmar Neo-Nazi leaders started accusing Rohingya of Bangali illegal immigrants and planned for ethnic cleansing. Even though UN resolution recognized Rohingya’s name, Myanmar Nazi leaders rejected the existence of Rohingya in Burma. 
“There is no Rohingya, said Presidential spokesperson Mr. Ye Htut, Hmmu Zaw, and President Thein Sein. And Immigration Minister Khin Yi,  Dr. Aye Maung, Dr. Aye Chan and Zaw Aye Maung” who were naturally Bengali and settled into Burma in 1950s around,  becomes parliamentary leaders of Burma.
Let’s examine Rakhine and Regime’s sources! “If one says he or she is a Rohingya in asking for the national census taking process for 2014, the answers will be recorded. He or she is not recognized as a citizen. Rohingya is not on the list of 135 ethnics. In upcoming census, there is no code name for Rohingya,” said Khin Yi. 
There were more than 3 million Rakhine Buddhists in Bangladesh before independence of Burma, 1948. Buddhist is the third largest religion in Bangladesh with about 0.7% of population adhering to Theravada Buddhism, a Myanmar styled Buddhism, Theravada of Myanmar is completely different from Buddhism in other countries. In 2004, there were only around 1.5 million Rakhine Buddhists in Bangladesh. Now the Buddhist population in Bangladesh decreased up to 852540 according Narinja;
Why did Rakhine Buddhists decrease in Bangladesh? The only suitable answer is that Bangladesh Rakhines are easily entering into Myanmar and they are offered citizenship of Myanmar and offered Rohingyas’ properties by Myanmar Buddhism government. Since Myanmar independence, Buddhist families from Bangladesh are migrating into Arakan.
However, Myanmar government produced and published over 1000s types of articles and videos cassettes against Rohingyas in Myanmar, and those fallacious informations are being distributed to the Buddhists by explaining who are Bangali in Burma, who are entering into Burma, who have to leave from Burma and why? 
Recently, Bangladeshi Rakhine Budhhists are entering into Arakan State daily. On 6th March 2014, 72 families had entered by Myanmar police officers, soldiers, Extremist Group and authority, they are settled them in Rohingyas lands, provided them abundant of farm lands which are being confiscated from Rohingya. 
If Thein Sein Government is not a Neo-Nazi, then why he supports to allowing Bangladeshi Buddhists into Myanmar. If Dr. Aye Maung, Zaw Aye Maung and other Rakhine Extremists are not Neo-Nazis, they won’t accept foreigners as citizens of Burma. 
Why do Myanmar regime and Rakhine leaders are welcoming Bangladeshi Rakhine Buddhists, if they are not implementing Neo-Nazism in Burma? Why do Myanmar regime and Rakhine leaders support 969 terrorist idea instead of democratic idea, if they really want democracy in Burma? Why military figures do are busy showing of Buddhism, building pagodas, and providing idol to every Buddhist house, instead of educating them human right and democracy? 
An ethnic of two different countries becomes the citizenship of two countries, make the country ridiculous law who has to be originated from only one place. Rakhine monks are ethnic of both Bangladesh and Myanmar. It means every Rakhine is born from two mothers and two fathers. It is illogical and unacceptable idea but it true. 
Rakhine Awakyuntha well know that all Rohingya are Arakanese origin, regime of Myanmar. They can’t eradicate the history, so they are started elimination of Rohingya, under the genocidal blockage. They are implementing Neo-Nazism in Burma, and deceiving the World of democracy process. We would like to plead UN and International Communities to make a decision in order to save Rohingya from the spreading of Neo-Nazism in Myanmar.