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Rakhine Buddhists Conducted Several Demonstrations to Boycott the upcoming Myanmar census 2014

Rakhine Buddhists Conducted Several Demonstrations 2014

By Ibrahim Shah 
March 16, 2014

Arakan state, western Myanmar- Today, on 16th March, Rakhine Buddhists—radical monks, ultra-nationalists, miscreants, thugs, prostitute women, and immature girls and boys—participated in several demonstrations in many places— Sittwe( the capital of Arakan State), Mrauk-U, Kyauktaw, Kyaukpyu, Pauktaw Buthidaung, Maungdaw and other many junctions  of the rest townships of Arakan state.,

The main objective of publicly demonstration to boycott the upcoming Myanmar census 2014 which will be conducted from 29 March to 10 April 2014 is to eliminate Rohingya from census conduct. The Rakhine extremists who participated in the several demonstrations by the energy of money contributed by the central government, Rakhine state government and 969 neo-Nazi anti- Muslim movement accused that the Rohingya Muslims are not a registered ethnic group of Myanmar according to 1982 Burma citizenship law drafted by Dictator Ne Win.

The ultra-nationalistic demonstrators called for immediate ban on fill up in the ethnicity code 914 as Rohingya and to quickly implement the 1982 citizenship law, otherwise, they will not withdraw from their decision to empower the demonstrations with more supporters until government officially ban the Rohingya participation in the census code 914 as Rohingya, reported by our senior correspondent of Burma Times.

Deplorably, some Rohingya elders stated that the main puppet of these  fresh several demonstrations to lead further violence in Rohingya quarters, northern Rakhine state before census conduct is the government led by President Thein Sein itself.  It is to be worried seriously that the Rakhine extremists will in fact trigger continual violence and the mentor of 969 neo-Nazi anti-Muslim movement, controversially notorious monk Wirathu who call Muslims are dogs, most recently, convinced people to participate in the rallies against the Muslims in particular Rohingya. To practice discrimination and to instigate religious hatred is against the law prescribed by the government in Myanmar. However, the authorities are eerily silent and not any action is taken against those demonstrators almost comprised Rakhine extremists and Rakhine prostitute women whom are brought in the protest by the energy of money.