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Neo-Nazism’s reality in Myanmar

                               Myanmar neo-nazi groups

By Aung Aung
The Stateless
March 31, 2014

Sittwe: Politics is an enigmatic as predicting the color of a chick from an egg or the nebulous form a cloud will take.

Breezes spread the scent of the flowers, people spread news about people.

I wrote two Myanmar proverbs; one about politics and another about honesty. Everyone thinks he is better than others but in reality our claims depend on our actions. 90% of Myanmar people suffered from regime-infection nearly 30 years and decided to take treatment called democracy in 1988. 

Unfortunately, former infection camouflaged as Buddhism and took place in the body of citizens as it disguised its newly built Dhammaryun everywhere. I never criticized Buddhists and Buddhism because I studied concepts of Buddhism and teaching of Siddhartha Gautama. Neither Buddhism nor Buddhists are my enemy. Honestly, I feel every citizen of Myanmar is my brother and sister. Using Buddhism and Road Map, regime made majority Buddhists to deviate from democracy-road and led them towards Neo-Nazism given it a new name, disciplined democratic system. Regime gave us an excuse that Western style democracy is not suitable in Myanmar. 

As we are rational being, we should analyze everything logically. If we really love our country, we should focus on the glory of our country; overall development of the country without partisanship of particular group or race or religion. We should be honest and understand context of Myanmar politics. Let’s analyze following facts:

1. There were no Dhammaryun before 1988, who built those, why did they build, do they lead towards democracy or not, will they shape positive image of Buddhism or not, can a religion make a good image by preaching in the street ;blocking public road where multi-religious people live? What is purpose of Dmmaryun in Myanmar? Every religion has their own worship house; Temple, Church, Pagoda, Monastery, and Mosque. If Dhammaryun is for Buddhist missionary, how many people convert into Buddhists since 1988? Why do some monks preach hatred, racism, anti-non-Buddhist programs in those Dhammaryun? Do they really know concepts of Buddhism and role of monks? If Buddhists really want conducting missionary, they should use Christian method of missionary, which is very effective: Christian- missionaries didn’t disturb public of Burma, they built schools everywhere, helped needy, talked in a soft and polite way, and distribute Christian’s books in free of charge that caused Chin, Shan, Kachin, Karen people of Burma freely believed in Christianity. 

2. When General Aung San formed AFPFL to drive out Japanese from Burma, what happened to Bo Yan Naing who was sent to Arakan? In Arakan, Rakhine Extremists with the support of Japanese attacked Bo Yan Naing instead of helping him why? Nearly 100000 Rohingya were killed inhumane ways that caused first Rohingya Exodus; 1000s of Rohingya moved to Maungdaw and Buthidaung from Tangug, Ann, MinPya, Mrauk U, Kyautaw, and Kyauk Pyu. U Chit Pa, Ex-Member of Parliament of Minbya constituency in a speech in the Parliament Session of the 17th September 1950 opposing the creation of a new district comprising Maungdaw, Buthidaung and Rahtedaung townships, had admitted that this was started by the Maughs. In this massacre thousands of Rohingyas( it is said that 80,000 of Rohigyas) were massacred and thousands of them were driven away mercilessly.

3. In 1947 Bo Letya The, then Defense Minister paid a visit to Maungdaw, Buthidaung and he praised the Rohingyas for their loyalty and devotion to the Union. The Deputy Commissioner of Akyab district asked some Rohingya leaders and elders in the month of July 1948 to see the Mujahid leaders at Kyaundaung village of Buthidaung township where they camped and asked them to withdraw their demand for State when the government would be willing to concede to the other demands such as citizenship as an indigenous race, their amnesty, establishment of their organization as a legal one.

4. On the 25th September 1954 U Nu stated, in a speech made over the radio about the introduction of the Religious lessons in the State schools that in North Arakan there are two townships – Maungdaw and Buthidaung where most of the people are Muslims known as Rohingyas whose leaders asked him for arms to fight against the Mujahids. 

5. After Burmese Independence in 1948, Rohingya got equal rights. Rohingyas were allowed in army, civil servant, education and in all the government sectors. Even Sultan Mahmud, our Rohingyas’ leader, had served as a health Minister during U Nu’s Parliament democratic cabinet of 1950s. The period of 1950 to 1962 was the golden era not only in Burmese history but also in Rohingyas’ history. 

6. The ethnic cleansing of Rohingya Muslim was started with a long time plan, in the 1970s by the dictator Ne Win. He used divide and rule policy among the ethnic groups in order to keep his power. He was extreme nationalist and his main mission was Barmanization. He implemented that policy in the whole infrastructures of the country; religious, cultural, traditional, and, social differences are his main tools for division, discrimination, persecution, and cleansing.

7. Since 1970s,Rohingya have been forced to resign from government staffs and servants, , banned all Rohingya organizations, restricted Rohingya’s movements; social, political, and religious. Rohingya were not allowed to express them as Rohingya. Firstly, Government changed their name Rohingya to Muslim in the Family Registration Paper, later, changed it into Bangali. As all the immigration officers are Buddhists who write Rohingyas’ name whatever they want to write, and no one has a right to oppose it, they could easily change Rohingya’s name in family list. 

8. There were two types of Rakhine Buddhists; native Rakhine ,and Awakyunetha who came into Burma from Bangladesh after independence. Native Rakhines call them Awakyunetha to those Bangali Rakhine at the beginning, there were also conflicts among them which resulted existence of two different types of monasteries; one for the local Rakhine and another for the Awakyuntha Bangladeshi Rakhine . Native Rakhine did not like the influx of Bangali Rakhine, Awakyunetha but three decades later, they unified by highlighting the religion issue. Both Government and Awakyunetha persuade the Buddhists that there are many Muslim countries in the world but no Buddhist country, this country should be a Buddhist country. Soon most of Awakyunetha became police officers, immigration officers, and government servants. Awakyunetha brought with them hatred from Bangladesh, they are very aggressive, pessimistic, and eager to establish independence Rakhine Pray. 

9. The Daily Guardian, Rangoon, 27th October 1960 reported that Burmese “Supreme Court quashes expulsion orders against Rohingya Muslims.”It is true, the disturbances were not entirely foreign inspired. Pumped up in prejudice by the leading Bangladeshi Monk activist, U Ottama, since 1930’s Rakhine extremists of the Arakan became anti-Rohingya and anti-Muslim.

10. Do all Myanmar citizens know regarding the amount of Rakhine Buddhist population in Bangladesh ? Why and how did they go there, how can they become indigenous ethnic in both Bangladesh and Myanmar? Who can easily enter into Myanmar Rakhine who has full authority in both sides, and Rohingya who have no right in both countries? There is no single Muslim immigration and police officer in the border, all are Rakhine Buddhists. We should think logically who can be intruders from Bangladesh in Myanmar. Regime, military junta, and Thein Sein’s so-called civilian government failed to prove a single illegal Rohingya immigrant in 60 years, 1000s of Rakhine are coming into Arakan daily.

11. The new settlers are welcome by Burmese authority and Arakan State government, Rakhine politicial party and local Rakhine. The Bangladeshi Rakhine who were living in the Chittagong hill tract where they works hard for their survival. When Rakhine political party and local Rakhine organized the hill people to flee from Bangladesh to Burma with allegation of discrimination, said a NGOs person who deny his name and his organization.Most of the Bangladeshi Rakhine became Government servants; high positions in political, social and religious fields such as military, immigration, custom, teachers, and monk. There are 100s of Bangladeshi Rakhine Buddhist monasteries in Myanmar. Those Bangladeshi Rakhine politicians like Dr. Aye Maung, monks, and regime started Neo-Nazism throughout Burma; regime support Buddhist Extremism for majority support and Bangladeshi Rakhine to build Independence Rakhine Fatherland. 100s of Rohingya lands were confiscated and settled Bangladeshi Rakhine in their lands.

12. Awakyuntha Rakhine politicians and religious leaders routinely single out Rohingya in hate speech and extremist literature, including Rohingya Hoax, by Maung Tha Hla, and Influx Viruses; the Illegal Muslims in Arakan, by U Shwe Zan and Dr. Aye Chan. 

13. Do we have a democratic constitution, can we call the Constitution which was drafted and approved by the military in 2008, as a fair and free? Who wrote 1982 citizenship law of Burma? Have we ever pondered regarding citizenship? Most of the Myanmar citizens are holding “Scrutiny Cards” Pink color ID card, have we ever think about the term “Scrutiny”, does it means citizen in Burmese language? We fought British and Japanese for Independence, but our so-called leaders of Burma couldn’t provide us a citizenship ID in 60 years, all citizens of Burma are at scrutiny level to be citizens of Myanmar since independence, why? 

14. Since 2012, unacceptable human rights abuses are going on throughout Myanmar, civilian regime embraces increasingly brutal tactics against Rohingya and Muslims, why? Is it for democracy reform or Buddhist missionary? Can we expect any good image for Buddhism from that brutality?

15. We claim that we are making progress on several fronts but we shouldn’t forget international arena who are observing us. There are corruption and rapacious military, decade-long ethnic issue, undemocratic constitution, and human right violation to be solved. Ongoing human right violations throughout Myanmar are being recorded bad image of Buddhists and Myanmar in the pages of World History which is impossible to erase. 

16. When US and EU administrations had begun easing sanctions on Myanmar, and promised to help, regime and Rakhine Extremists took advantages of it to fulfill their carnal desires instead of development of the country; culminating in a series of deadly attacks on Rohingya as well as Muslims and Christians across the country. More than 600000 people have been displayed by the 969 Buddhists’ human rights abuses and more than 1million are in need of humanitarian aid. 1 million Rohingya are kept under genocidal blockage, State security forces are carrying out a campaign of “ethnic cleaning and Genocide” against the Rohingya people. 

17. International Communities came to help humanitarian aid to Arakan State but Rakhine Authority claims them biased toward the Rohingya. Rakhine Extremists attacked the homes ,offices, and stores of international aid workers in Sittwe. 

18. The military doctrine has not changed yet, regime policy remains active, State and Rakhine Extremists are trying to implement apartheid 1982 citizenship law of Socialist regime. Doctors Without Borders was ejected from Arakan, and 1000s of Rohingya patients are now in critical condition, dying daily lack of medical access. 

19. The Rohingya, referred to by UN as one of the World’s most persecuted people since 1970s, are subject to a web of restriction on travel, work and even marriage. But the Rohingya people are fruitful toward the Union of Burma , the most tolerated people on Earth. The Rohingya are like such a tree which can produce abundance of fruits for the development of the country but Rakhine Extremists and the State, firstly, plucked all its opening buds before buds became fruits and threw them away. Secondly they poisoned it depriving fertilizer, education, and thirdly tried to cut it down, fourthly, keep it in the cage and leave it without water and sun light for extinction. 

20. United to End Genocide complete a four week fact-finding mission to Burma on March 16, 2014 and commented that nowhere in the world are there more known precursors to genocide than in Burma today.

21. Senior Gen Min Aung Hlaing whose wife is a Rakhine ethnic, stressed the importance of peace and stability in bringing development to the country. Who have been conducting brutal violence against Rohingya, Muslims and Christians since 2012? Thein Sein Government has been blaming an unknown group of people for all violence including recent attack on International humanitarian aid workers in Sittwe. They formed many Commissions, none of those found the real terrorists who acted horrible violence against Rohingya and Muslims since 2012, why? 

22. There were 300000 monks in Burma before 1988, State and Rakhine extremists increased the number of monks more than 600000. As 70% of the monks are Rakhine, it became good advantages for Rakhine Extremists for Neo-Nazi propaganda in the name of Buddhism. 

23. Rakhine Extremists opens Western doors for Bangladeshi Rakhine Buddhists and civilian regime opens Eastern doors for Chinese influence in Myanmar; both of them accused the Rohingya of plotting to Islamize Burma while Rohingya are being kept under genocidal blockage and no Rohingya stood for armed struggle like other ethnics of Burma since 1965. In the words of Professor William Schabas, former president of the International Association of Genocide Scholars: “When you see measures preventing births, trying to deny the identity of the people, hoping to see that they eventually no longer exist; denying their history, denying the legitimacy of their right to live where they live, these are all warning signs that mean it’s not frivolous to envisage the use of the term genocide.” Thein Sein’s so-called civilian government and Rakhine Extremists’ denial of Rohingya’s existence in Burma is a concrete evidence of Rohingya Genocide. 

24. There is only one reason for attacking International humanitarian aid workers in Sittwe; complete Rohingya genocide by the State and Rakhine Extremists; they firstly ejected MSF and now, trying to eject all INGOs in order to starve and die all Rohingya ,and create more violence. They usually use the cruelest strategy that covers their crimes against humanity.

We would like to request every citizen of Myanmar who really wants to protect Myanmar and Buddhism, to ponder the above mentioned facts and future of Myanmar, if we became rose we don’t need to boast the scent of us; it spread the whole world in a few minutes. Let’s join hands for the Union, cooperation, peace and development of Myanmar together by overthrowing regime and ending genocidal program based on race and religion.

We hope all soldiers except a group of people will support us if we really want to establish a peaceful country because 60% of the soldiers are in abject poverty. Helping hands of US, UK, EU, UN and other democratic countries are in front of us, we need to approach one step forward and shake hands with them.