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Master Plan incomplete, nationwide protest by Thein Sein

By Aung Aung 
The Stateless
March 16, 2014
Sittwe Arakan State: Demonstration is taken place with the help of authority in Arakan state against Rohingya. The 969 terrorist’s leader of Burma, Wirathu, was sent to Arakan State to preach on 10th March 2014. “How can we protect Arakan”. Protection the land of a country, Burma, is Army’s duty, but it is not the duty of Saffron-man like Wirathu. Who gave him chance to preach that? 
On 13 March 2014, terrorist Media, Eleven, wrote “Use of the term ‘Rohingya’ by Bengalis to describe their ethnic name in the national census is causing concern among non-Bengali local residents” Eleven Media knows Rohingya History because 100s of documents regarding Rohingya were sent to it by the Rohingya community leaders. Again it abuses Rohingya with the help of State. All Rakhine terrorists, extremist media and State’s media use the term Bangali for Rohingya because they have a plan of Rohingya Genocide.
Eleven Media has been with terrorists in all violence occurred in Burma. In June and October 2012 massacres of Rohingya, Eleven wrote that “we burnt our own houses and ran away” while Rakhine terrorists bunt our houses, killed innocent people and looted Rohingya’s properties.
Why Rohingya Genocide?
There are many reasons why did State plan Rohingya Genocide:
1. To get the support of majority Buddhists, State wanted to fulfill uncompleted plan of Rohingya ethnic cleansing.
2. Rohingyas have been persecuted since 1965. Firstly, Rohingya language program canceled from national radio station. Secondly, all Rohingya in Government servants were forced to resign. 
Thirdly, dictatorship government started persecution, and restrictions against Rohingya that caused 10000s of Rohingya fled to Bangladesh and many other countries. After 1988, Arakan was taken place by military junta till 2010, one sided election. 
3. In 1990, General Khin Nyunt contributed for three main things; “formed NaSaKa for Rohingya Genocide, built Kyaukdawgyi Pagoda for majority Buddhists’ support and “Road Map” to hold power forever.” To persuade all Buddhists, military junta chose Rohingya issue, given it the name “Protect our Nation and Religion from invading Bangali” Junta led by General Khin Nyunt planned NaTaLa housing in Maungdaw, 100s of Rohingya’s lands were confiscated and built houses for Buddhists from central Burma, even State provided everything for those Buddhists for the State’s strategic Project against Rohingya based on religion. Most of the Buddhists from Central Burma didn’t stay in NaTaLa villages of State Project, they returned to their places. Therefore, State decided to bring Buddhists from Bangladesh and located those Bangladeshi Buddhists on Rohingya’s lands. 
4. In 2010, when they realized that in their one man show racing of 2010 election, 5 Rohingya constituencies got seats in the parliament, they discussed to remove Rohingya from the parliament (Hluttaw) because they don’t want any Muslim in the parliament, as their main policy is extreme nationalism, I called it Neo-Nazism. If we look Muslims majority country of Bangladesh, we can see there a Buddhist Foreign Minister but in Myanmar, Muslims are deprived of high position in every field. How can we call a democracy process or reform? 
5. As I mentioned before, Military Junta’s one of the first tasks after 1988 uprising against regime, is building Dhammaryun, Buddhist preaching center in every street, school ,ward, and every village to increase extreme Buddhist ideology. Every religion has right to claim ‘My religion is good” but no one has right to say “only my religion is the best and the rest are our enemies” Using Buddhist propaganda Junta formed secret Buddhist extremist groups, later they were known as 969 Buddhist groups. Since 1990, Junta kept all Rohingya of Arakan under inhumane restrictions that caused 1000s of boat people, reached all over the World. 
6. Beginning of 2012, Myanmar regime started Rohingya propaganda and Genocide plan. Creating a fake rape case, they initiated Genocide by killing 10 innocent people, later 2 horrible massacres; in June and October 2012. From that violence, regime got many benefits; complete Golden Gas Project, International aids, and support of Buddhists who had been brainwashed of extreme Buddhist ideology. 
7. When International Communities raised their voices against inhumane violence, regime gave it a name “Communal Conflict” and took advantages of violence demanding international aids to solve the problem. Regime gave excuses that poverty and social understanding caused violence; we need financial help from international communities for reconciliation.
8. When OIC wanted to open an office in Myanmar for humanitarian aids, first regime accepted, later they organized protests against OIC using their 969 gangs. After receiving millions of dollars to solve the violence in Arakan, instead of solving the problem in Arakan, regime spread the violence in the whole nation in order to receive abundant of financial support. 
9. Today’s protests against Rohingya in the towns of Arakan, is to avoid UN resolution and deceive UN supervision of 2014 Census. President Thein Sein sent Wirathu to organize demonstrations as he has plan to cancel the term “Rohingya” wisely ;the next day, he will announce openly that we should respect public demand according to rule of democracy, all Rohingya should use the term “Bangali “for their ethnic name instead of Rohingya.
Myanmar regime has been deceiving the World showing outer form of democracy process but practicing the same old regime’s policy, regime’s 1982 citizenship law, and regime’s constitution. 
UN, US, UK, EU, Japan, and all International Communities should consider the Rohingya issue and rising extreme nationalism in Burma seriously.