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Kutupalong, Ukhiya: A Rohingya refugee girl was raped by four local Villagers at Kutupalong Refugee Camp in Bangladesh today at around 5:30 am of local time. The 16 years old victim, Sanjida Begum, daughter of Abul Hossain who lives in Block A2 of unregistered Refugee Camp and works in a garment in Chittagong to support her family.

The accident happened at above the mentioned time while she was returning from her work. As soon as she got down from bus at the entrance of refugee camp, the local extremist Jasim and his gang caught her as they were waiting to loot Rohingya refugees who passed through on the road towards the camp.

They robbed her 5,000 taka salary and all the ornaments she wore. They did not let her go after robbing, instead they took advantage of loneliness on the road to gang raped her. She was found in some degree of loss of consciousness by a group of wood cutter who sent her to nearby MSF (Médecins Sans Frontiérs) hospital where she is currently being treated.

Rape is commonly used as a weapon against the helpless Rohingya girls and women by the local gangs which leaves many deep scars in the hearts of the victims morally, socially and psychologically.