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Continuum of genocidal blockage in Myanmar

Myanmar police on patrol in one of the Rohingyan camps. Animosity towards the police is very high./Andrew Stanbridge/Al Jazeera

By Aung Aung

Akyab, Arakan State (The Stateless) Every religion should be a living force in order to play a vital role in moral uplift, social and cultural unification of mankind. Myanmar regime has been using Buddhism as a cruel strategy for their political gain since 1988, that caused 100s violence nationwide. Myanmar regime has been deceiving the world as if they are reforming. In reality, they formed 969 Buddhist terrorist gangs law which is called nazism law. The government has been empowering the Buddhist gangs in the name of national security and caring Buddhism besides destroying other nations.

Major, Moe Kyaw Thu, has been using force-labor in Min Pya, Arakan, Myanmar where he orders the villagers for 10 Rohingyas as force-labor without wages and without food from the each village of Min Pya. When those Rohingya requested food at noon, Major’s assistance told them that “ we have only pork”, after working when Rohingya requested some money, a solider replied “You are slave, we can use as we wish, you have no right to demand any money” Rohingya said “Our families are starving, please help us” The solider said “You die or alive, that’s not our business” If anyone needs contact number of major Moe Kyaw Thu, feel free to send DM me please.

In Nga Chaung IDP of Pauktaw, Major Aung Moe Win announced that, “if we find anyone of you outside the camps, finding firewood and fishing, we will shoot you” ,he has been threatening and extorting money from Rohingya refugees of Nga Chaung since he was appointed there.

There were 7993 refugees before Mahasen storm, while Mahasen was supposed to hit Arakan, refugees from NgaChaung requested help from authority for evacuation. When they didn’t care refugees of Nga Chaung , they took risk and moved to Santetmaw. They were forced to come back to Nga Chaung by the authority. 109 people came lately, and they are starving now because they are not in the list of WFP.

A Rohingya, Osman, son of Bawdi Alam, 40 years old, from Nga Chaung went to Min Pya to get some vegetables, on his return, another 3 Rohingya from Min Pya followed with him. On the way, near Pauktaw, their boat was attacked by 15 Rakhine pirate speed boat, which shot them from distance, all 4 Rohingya jumped into the river and saved their lives but they lost all their things including boat. The event happened on 1.3.14, at 3:30 AM. In this way, Rakhine authority and Myanmar soldiers block Rohingya and loot whatever they have. State sponsored Rohingya Genocide!!

A letter from a Rohingya refugee of Nga Chaung IDP, Pauktaw, Arakan, Burma Could you please save us from (cont)

We appreciate all those honorable people who have been dedicating their efforts to save Rohingya of Burma. An officer from UN Human Right told us today that Myanmar Government will reconsider activities of MSF in Arakan very soon.

Bangladesh and Indian Leaders came to Myanmar for mutual business purposes. We could like to remind those leaders as well as all those who want to invest in Burma that peace and security is impossible until Government regimes’ policy and discriminatory laws of Burma change. There is no proper rule of law in Burma. Without peace, security and rule of law, Burma cannot be a right place for investment and human right should be the priority than your business.