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Breaking News: Rohingya of Arakan Burma urgently need protection

By Aung Aung
March 25, 2014

Today morning, Rakhine authority, head of State’s Immigration and Police Commissioner went to Sanpya and Bumay villages of Rohingya. They told Rohingya not to fill race-column of 2014 Census, when Rohingya pointed out the Census law released by the Government which mentions everyone can answer freely, Police commissioner threatened them ” You must do what we say, no UN and other countries can do anything here, this is our country, you must obey us. In Bumay, another Rohingya demanded that if State wants us not to fill race-column, State should announce it officially otherwise it can be a problem, we are Rohingya, and we won’t accept Bangali for our name, never” Police Commissioner left the meeting angrily. All Rohingya in Arakan State are in fear, one side 969 Buddhists and Rakhine Extremists are threatening, and on the other side, authority itself has been threatening not to use the term Rohingya.

” In the Burmese constitution, article 348, states that, “The Union shall not discriminate any citizen of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, based on race, birth, religion, official position, status, culture, sex and wealth.” But Rohingya are being systematically persecuted by the State because of their religion.

Myanmar President blatantly denied the official and historical presence of the Muslim Rohingya in the country, despite mountains of evidence to the contrary. The neo-Nazi racists in the country, denying the official and verifiable existence of the Rohingya as ‘an ethnic group and citizens’ while refuting the State’s well-documented direct and indirect involvement in the mass violence against the Muslims and the Rohingya ethnic cleansing.

According to citizenship law of 1982, a citizen shall respect and abide by the laws of the State. Article 13 of 1982 citizenship law mentions “a citizen shall not as well acquire the citizenship of another country”, Rakhine are indigenous and citizens of both Bangladesh and Myanmar. We can extended concept of law that Rakhine are indigenous ethnic of Bangladesh, they cannot be indigenous ethnic of Myanmar. Every day, Rakhine Buddhists are entering into Burma, Myanmar Media publish sympathizing as Rakhine indigenous ethnic.

One million Rohingya are under State’s genocidal blockage since June 2012. It is time to end Rohingya Genocide in Burma “