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    Why Rohingya and Muslim population in Rakhine is too low? Ethnic Cleansing in progress?

    About 3-4 hundred thousand Rohingya Muslims in Mayu district in Northern Rakhine in 1961.

    According to the Myanmar Government, Rakhine Government, Buddhist Rakhines and 969 Bamas led by Wirathu, Rohingya birth rate is very high.

    So after 50 years there should be about 3-4 million Rohingyas in that area alone. There are a lot of Rohingyas, Kamans, Indian Muslims and Myanmar Muslims in other parts of Rakhine.

    Now Myanmar government’s official amount of Muslims in whole Myanmar is 4% of 60 million = 2.4 million.

    UN led Independent Investigators and professionals should investigate what happened to those Rohingyas and Muslims of Myanmar.

    Ethnic Cleansing done?
    Religious Cleansing done?

    Source: by Dr Ko Ko Gyi’s Blog