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    Why do World leaders support Modern Nazism of Burma?

    By Aung Aung Sittwe

    Nazi Government of Burma has been conducting racist and Nazi propaganda in order to hold power since 1988. When the whole population of Burma demanded democracy in 1988, Nazi leaders of Burma started implementing racism and Nazism in the name of Buddhism; built Dhammaryun, Buddhist preaching house in every street, every ward, every village, and every school, broadcasting Buddhist propaganda from National Media, formed terrorist gangs in everywhere. Since 1990, Nazi Khin Nyunt formed NaSaKa for Rohingya Genocide, persuaded majority Buddhists by carrying a huge idol called Kyaukdawgyi Paya from Mandalay to Yangon. 
    Nazi Government of Burma has been terrorizing all minorities of Burma since 1988 using Buddhism. I know Buddhism very well, Nazi Government has been systematically using Buddhism and soldiers monks for hatred, racism, and violence. The World know how did Nazi Government treat with Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and her NLD party, how did Nazi leaders of Burma started violence everywhere in Burma. Some people may think that because of democracy process that a group of people started violence. 
    That’s not true. There are more than 600000 monks in Burma, 70% monks are Rakhine and most of those 70% are originally from Bangladesh. Every day, Bangali Rakhine are entering legally. Yesterday, 8 families, 39 Bangali entered into Maungdaw from Bangladesh. Nazi leaders of Burma joined Bangali Dr. Aye Maung who wanted Arakan like Israel, who wanted to bring to implement Zionism in Arakan. Nazi Government used the word Kalar in the national media. Nazi’s social media has been publishing racism, hatred, Nazism throughout the nation, let Nazi monks preach in every street, they block public road and preach hatred, racism, Nazism, violence against Rohingya, Muslims, and minorities daily.
    Not only Nazi leaders of Burma used Buddhism, but they also used soldiers, police, Hlun Taine for the violence because they plan for Rohingya Genocide and ethnic cleansing.
    1. After violence, all Rohingya have being blocked without means of living and survival.
    2. Military medical team gives treatment to all Buddhist villages but not Rohingya
    3. Many Nazi leaders including Senior General Min Aung Hlaing visited Rakhine Buddhists , not Rohingya, aren’t we not human
    4. Denying Rohingya’s existence in Burma , Nazi leader Thein Sein’s appealed to UN to deport all Rohingya to third countries , blockage, continuous torturing Rohingya to leave from Arakan are genocidal program Nazi Government.
    5. Nazi leaders have been deceiving the World as if they are reforming towards democracy but they are still implementing Dictator Ne Win’s policies and laws why?
    1000s of Rohingya’s houses were burnt down or destroyed after robbing all properties, 1000s of Rohingya were killed, 1000s of Rohingya were forced to leave most of them died in sea or missing: in KyaukPyu there were 14500 Muslims lived before 2012, now only 1400 remain in the refugee camp, where are the rest, nobody knows. In MyayBon, there were 15800 Rohingya before 2012, now only 3400 remain in the camp. In Pauktaw, there were more than 22000 Rohingya before 2012, now only 7800 Rohingya remain in the Camps. 1000s of Rohingya are missing from every town of Arakan, Burma.
    After massacre of 2012, all Rohingya have being blocked by the State that cause 1000s of Rohingyas’ death because of starvation, malnutrition, lack of medication, and torture.
    A new Genocidal pan
    There are two famous drug smugglers in Arakan: Kyauk Taung of Taungug and Aung Naing Oo( Owner of Nobel Hotel) of Sittwe. They have many ships and boats; they use their ships and boats for State’s genocidal program. One side, Authority have been persecuting, torturing and blocking aids, on the other hand, they persuade Rohingya to leave to abroad for the better life that cause 1000s of refugees in al over the World. Most of the people are carried by boats and ships of Aung Naing Oo and Kyauk Taung.
    Most of the people were killed on the way, some of them are handed over to the human traffickers in Malaysia and Thailand. Police, Hlun Taine and Security forces persuade people that there are boats which will send them to Malaysia free of charge, 1000s of uneducated Rohingya and desperate people under genocidal blockage, are eager to leave and get in their boats and ships. We reported police regarding brokers of human traffickers; instead of arresting them police and Hlun Taine give them protection.
    Nearly 1000 Rohingya are kept in the forest of Thailand by the human traffickers who demand 200000 kyats from each person, whoever have no relatives or friends, who can’t afford to pay certain amount of money, are sold as slaves to Thai fishing ships. On 31.1.14 a ship which carried nearly 400 people, reached Thaiand, and with help of Thai police officers, they were brought to the forest, one of them , Kyaw Ye Aung @ Harun, 25 years old, was forced to call his family member in Sittwe to give ransom money of 200000kyats. When his brother begged that they have no money, broker said on the phone that, then, your brother will be lost.
    A Rohingya who tried to flee from brokers, was killed by brokers in Thailand today. In this way, Rohingya are being sold or killed or missing daily. Every day, police, Hlun Taine and Security forces give a lot of trouble to leave the country.
    In the IDP camps also, persecution continues by the Authority. 1000s of Rohingya become refugees in their own houses. WFP and other organizations provide rice and beans only for IDPs.
    I would like to appeal you to save Rohingya from genocidal blockage and Nazi Government’s Nazi gangs 969 as soon as possible.
    Source Aung Aung Sittwe Twitter @Aungaungsittwe