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Unveiled: Most terrible plot of Vet. Aye Maung to trigger fresh calamity in western Burma and Malaysia

Aye Maung (l) and Aye Thar Aung (r), pictured here speaking
at an Arakan National Party function, escaped an assassination attempt Thursday

Burma Times -Kuala Lumpur 07 February 2014 –  It is reportedly learnt that former RNDP
head, currently Second in command at Arakan National Party as well as lawmaker
in parliament’s upper house, and Aye Thar head of ANP are escaped from the
attempted assassination assault of some gunmen in Kuala Lumpur on 6 February at
11:00PM and immediately returned today on friday  in Yangoon.

According to our senior correspondent from Kuala Lumpur, it
is reported that the gunmen are Rakhine who are hand picked members of Vet. Aye
Maung and it was deliberately triggered to deceive people that Muslims
terrorized against them as he is exposed as one of the masterminds of Rohingya
ethnic cleansing in western Burma.

The two controversially well-known Rakhine politicians are senior
politicians amongst Rakhine in western Burma who are relentlessly making
efforts to establish the western Burma as ethnic Rakhine nationalities zone
getting rid of other ethnic nationalities.

A concrete statement by Vet. Aye Maung to massacre Rohingya,
in his interview with Venus News Journal on June 14, 2012, he said, “The
Rakhine state should be established in the way Israel was initially

According to our senior correspondent, to implement the plot
against Rohingya, the two controversially well known Rakhine senior politicians
with other 4 Rakhine senior miscreants toured to Malaysia confidentially to
convince more Rakhine miscreants and to collect more funds to get swift
preparations adequately to make unrest during the upcoming Burma national
census that will be carried out from 30 March to 10 Aril.

Moreover, they conspired to carry out similar calamities in
Malaysia to make bad reputation against Rohingya since some Rohingya can
survive easily in Malaysia as Malaysian government sympathize  them and grant UN residential permits to
Rohingya there.

The Rakhine MP Vet. Aye Maung acknowledged that as it is
social trip they did not inform to Burmese embassy of their travel plans as
well as not requested for official security to guard them in Malaysia.

Again, our senior correspondent reported that the reportedly
acknowledgement of Vet. Aye Maung regarding their confidential trip to Malaysia
as social trip is to diplomatically cover up their unexpectedly exposed plot
which is going to be carried out soon.

Amidst last year, Vet. Aye Maung incited religious hatred
and masterminded unrest that brought bad reputation of Burma and it is remained
unresolved until today.

Amidst the strife masterminded by Vet. Aye Maung and Burma
central government, Rohingya women face gangbang and many innocent Rohingya
have been experiencing long term imprisonments.

Following the unrest that led to bloodshed, mostly Rohingya
people face unprecedented catastrophes in western Burma.

The unexpectedly exposure of the plot against Rohingya which
will be carried out soon is an alarming news for both Burmese regime and
international community to launch a probe against Vet. Aye Maung including his
counterparts who accompanied him in this confidential tour which was diplomatically
named as social tour.