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Suspect Tortured to Death Two Rohingyas by Rakhine Police

By Aung Aung 
February 09, 2014

A Rohingya of Manzi  Refugee Camp in Sittwe when he prevented a Rakhine police from robbing him in 30th December 2013, he was beaten severely. At the times, a Shan police requested to Rakhine police to spare innocent Rohingya, but Rakhine police did not hear him. Meanwhile, another 2 Rohingya came and fought with Rakhine one, but innocent Shan police was accidentally injured and sent  him to the hospital. 

The next day, Rakhine authority announced Shan police had died in the hospital. We had doubt that Rakhine authority  killed him intentionally to create violence and to remove a good police. 

On same day, two Rohingya teenagers were arrested: Muhammed Karim, son of Elyas, 12 years old and Amir Husein, son of Abdul Shukkur, 13 years old, are both cousin brothers.  Two weeks ago, a Police told a Rohingya that both of them died in police lock-up. I tweeted that information when I was informed by a Rohingya who had to live with Rakhine police that they were alive.

Today, another police told one of their relatives that they died because of coldness and diseases. We are so worry for their lives because they are innocents, and they didn’t see even the event but  they are belong to very poor families.  It is very difficult to contact with their families because their families are under Rakhines’ eyes. 

Very hardly Today, we sent a person to see their families. The person: Why did police arrest your sons?

Their parents: We are very poor, so they went out to find food if they get any job for daily wages and then they work and bring food. When they were going to find job for food in 31st December 2013 at 9: AM, police arrested them . 

The Person: Did you try to see your sons in the police lock-up, No.1 Police Station, Sittwe?

Their parents: Several times, we requested but police didn’t allow to see our children. Today, we requested a Rohingya who lives in a police station, asking the police officer, his face changed and we asked what happened, he didn’t want to tell us but when we insisted him, he said “ I don’t believe that they died, may be, my friend is intoxicant”.

The Person: Don’t cry! We hope they are alive, we will report to release them as soon as possible. I am not sure that they are alive in the lock-up or not because we are not allowed to see them. We would like to plead all International Organization to save those innocent teenagersas soon as possible. If they were tortured to death, the World should take action immediately. All Rohingya in Arakan, Burma are under genocidal blockage such as rape, torture, arrest, killing and force to leave by the State authority.

Photo: Manzi  Refugee Camp in Sittwe