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Nazi Hitler’s Law is Myanmar Democracy

By Aung Aung
February 08, 2014
Buddhism is defined by non-violence, has as a gentle way of life based on Eight Fold Path. Nazi leaders of Burma sent Ashin Nyanissara (Thidagu Sayardaw) and team to a thousand miles away, Sri Lanka, in order to learn anti-Muslims sentiment strategy, and General Khin Nyunt and team to Israel to learn Zionism for the establishment of Nazism in Burma.
Hitler and Nazi leaders of Germany didn’t kill German people like Jews. In Burma too, Nazi leaders didn’t give much troubles to Buddhists than non-Buddhist minorities.
Muslims in Sri Lanka and Burma are a peaceful and small minority, but both minorities are labeled the same accusations without reasons.
Armed conflict of Sri Lanka in the early 1990s and “969 campaign” in Burma have similar objectives conducted by the State, prominent Buddhist monk, Ashin Wirathu is not the only leader of 969 gangs, he was just a murderer, 969 leaders transformed him as a hero.
Myanmar became center of Nazism in South East Asia as growing wave of anti-Muslim sentiment called 969 movement.
Nazi like monks becomes gangs led to both discrimination and violence. President Thein Sein , even a puppet transformed Hitler –like personality, stand for anti-Muslims, ignores Muslim minority Rohingyas and denies Rohingya’s existence, trying to establish two-child policy, marriage is banned since 1990s.
The Rohingya were citizens and ethnic of Myanmar until the late dictator Ne Win promulgated the restrictive Citizenship Law of 1982. Nazi Government of Thein Sein organized protesters supporting the mass deportation of the Rohingya from Burma.
ICC: Why do 969 leaders want to kill Rohingya of Arakan?
Aung: They don’t want to kill Rohingya but they want to eliminate the whole population of Rohingya and other non-Buddhists minorities.
ICC: Did any Rohingya give any trouble to 969 leaders of Burma, or did any Rohingya rebel against 969 gangs?
Aung: No. Rohingya never intend to do that.
ICC: Did 969 leaders of Myanmar kill any one personally or directly?
Aung: Hitler killed only his dog via poison personally and directly according to Historians but the World leaders agree that Holocaust and all inhumane activities against Jews were based on Hitler’s policies, ideology and laws. Myanmar regime’s laws, policies and political strategy lead to Rohingya Exodus, Rohingya Holocaust and Rohingya ethnic cleansing.
ICC: Why did 969 leaders of Burma want to eliminate Rohingya and minority?
Aung: Rohingya issue is not a new issue; Rohingya became the most persecuted people on Earth since 1970s. Dictator Ne Win sow two discriminatory mind-sets, seeds among Buddhist majority people: ethnic issue and State, Division issue, he divided Burma into 7 States and 7 Divisions. To please Buddhist majority and to control power forever, Ne Win emphasized ethnic right issue but reduced numbers of ethnic from 144 to 135 adding some non-ethnics into ethnic list and eliminating Rohingya into non-ethnic.
ICC: Who are 969 leaders in Burma?
Aung: Senior General Than Shwe, SG Min Aung Hlaing, Thura Shwe Mann, Khin Yi, Gen Khin Nyunt, U Aung Thaung, President Thein Sein, Aung Thein Linn, Dr. Aye Maung, Zaw Aye Maung, Aye Thar Aung, Border Minister Tin Linn, Hla Maung Tin, Ye Htut, Crony Teza, Crony Zay Kabar Khin Shwe, Max Zaw Zaw, Ashin Nyanissara (Thidagu Sayardaw) etc. They formed gangs in every ward or village, appointed particular monks to persuade through preach every week.
ICC: When did they start Buddhist propaganda?
Aung: They started it after nation-wide protest against junta in 1988, to deceive the people and World, junta conducted 3 mean activities: arresting all pro-democratic leaders, entertainments; opening many parks for youths, Chinese episode series Paung Chin, and built Dhammaryun, Buddhist preaching house in every street, every ward and every school. Before 1988, there was no Dhammaryun in Burma, Buddhists used to monasteries, giving an excuse that Muslims have Mosque in every village. “Buddhists too must have such thing, and otherwise they will make Myanmar as an Islamic country like Afghanistan” State’s 969 gangs said.
ICC: Since 2012, there were many violence attacks against Rohingya and Muslims in Burma, many people believe that Myanmar leaders are reforming towards democracy, they should be helped for democracy process, and every transition period is painful and problematic, a group of people may create barrier towards democracy, I think it is natural, what do you want to say about transition?
Aung: Yes, there is transition and democracy process that benefited Nazi leaders of Burma, not for minorities; if they really want democracy they won’t demand to implement Dictator Ne Win’s laws and policies. There have been Awakyuntha, Rakhine from Bangladesh and Nazi like Buddhists in Burma since 1940s, many massacre were conducted by them.
1. Because of Divide and Rule policy under British colonialism, violence against Muslims in 1930 and against Chinese in 1931
2. In 1942, 1000s of Rohingya were killed and their properties and lands were robbed by Rakhine terrorists, Buddhists had wiped out all Muslims completely from Taungug, Ann, Rambre, Mranaung, towns of Arakan, 1000s of Rohingya from Kyauktaw, Mrauk U, Min Pya, moved to Maungdaw , Buthidaung and Akyab; nearly 100000 Rohingya were killed in 1942 massacre.
3. In 1961, nationalization was implemented as a starting point of persecution against non-Buddhists. In 1967, Regime organized a Chinese massacre, forced them to be Buddhists, later, most of the Chinese keep both Chinese and Buddhist statues to avoid persecution.
4. In 2000, violence was organized by regime’s monks in Taungngu, 100s of Muslims’ houses, properties were burnt down or robbed, many people were killed terrorists.
5. In 2003, Regime gangs attacked Buddhists who were pro-democrats in Dibayin.
6. 2007, Regime had crashed Saffron Revolution.
7. 2010, Regime removed all democracy runners from the race of election and won the election as single runner.
8. Since May 2012, Nazi Government of Burma has been conducting genocidal programs everywhere in Burma, against Rohingya , Muslims and Christians, Rohingya are kept under genocidal blockage since June 2012.
ICC: You said you are optimistic but you compare President Thein Sein and other leaders with Hitler, I think , it is exaggeration, may be ,Thein Sein and other leaders are reforming while some negative persons create problem.
Aung: Nazi Germany tried to destroy people who they believe were inferior. Nazi began restriction the rights of Jews and others, laws restricted Jews from holding Government Jobs or attending schools, imprison countless in Prison, 1000s of Jews fled Germany to escape persecution, in 1942 ordered the destruction of entire Jews population.
Myanmar regime and Awakyuntha Rakhine believe that Rohingya are inferior . Since 1962, regime began restrictions the rights of Rohingya, Christians and Muslims in Burma. Laws restricted Rohingya from attending schools, getting birth certificates, holding Government servants even a clerk. Countless Rohingya have been being imprisoned in Prisons , Police lock-ups, NaSaKa’s cells, 100s of Rohingya were tortured to death .Million of Rohingya have been fleeing to escape persecution since 1965, 100s of Rohingya died in sea. Since 1988 Myanmar regime planned the destruction of entire Rohingya population, denying Rohingya’s existence, burning, killing, robbing and keeping in concentration camp, entire population is being blocked.
ICC: How can we solve violence in Burma and establish democracy in Burma?
Aung: If we want to establish true democracy in Myanmar we should remove 969 leaders from ruling party, through an International Investigation Commission to examine who entered into Burma from Bangladesh, examine all monks’ biographies, ban all monks’ road-block preach, make democratic policies and laws, if State wants to broadcast Buddhism, it should give rights to broadcast other religions too, restore all Rohingya’s rights; resettle Rohingya in their own places.
ICC: Rakhine extremists don’t agree to accept Rohingya as ethnic, they block Rohingya, President Thein Sein’s Government doesn’t keep Rohingya under blockage, and military give protections to Rohingya.
Aung: I wrote many times regarding Myanmar soldiers, who has power in Myanmar, central Government or Awakyuntha Rakhine? All police force, immigrations, security forces are controlled by the State, not Rakhine, I know 70% of monks in Burma are Rakhine, most of them are Awakyuntha Bangladeshi Rakhine, majority Buddhists should know it, if International Investigation examine, we can solve that problem easily.
969 leaders of Burma take advantages of Buddhism for their power, as I mentioned before, State systematically organized all Buddhist preachers everywhere in Burma.
ICC: Muslims want to build an Islamic country through population; Buddhists are in fear of Islam and Muslims.
Aung: How can minority dominate majority? Regime blamed Christians and Muslims for their missionaries; regime uses divide and rule policies, no Christian and Muslim of Burma tried to convert a Buddhist by force in history of Burma. Muslims have no missionaries at all. Why don’t the Buddhists use the same method like Muslims and Christians if they really want to spread Buddhism? Spanish used harshness to convert Christians and failed. All 969 monks have been insulting Buddhism and Siddhartha Gautama. I believe Gautama as a great teacher of mine, and I practice Eight fold path of Buddhism even I am a Muslim. Current 969 leaders of Burma are not Buddhists; they all are Neo-Nazis, the most dangerous threat for South East Asia and Southwest Asia.
ICC: There are persecution, discrimination and unfair treatments in every country based on race, religion, and color, why do you accuse Myanmar leaders for genocide and ethnic cleansing?
Aung: Myanmar regime had conducted following genocidal operations against Rohingya and they continuously committing crime against humanity.
1. Military Operation (5th Burma Regiment) – November 1948
2. Burma Territorial Force (BTF) – Operation 1949-50
3. Military Operation (2nd Emergency Chin regiment) – March 1951-52
4. Mayu Operation – October 1952-53
5. Mone-thone Operation – October 1954
6. Combined Immigration and Army Operation – January 1955
7. Union Military Police (UMP) Operation – 1955-58
8. Captain Htin Kyaw Operation – 1959
9. Shwe Kyi Operation – October 1966
10. Kyi Gan Operation – October-December 1966
11. Ngazinka Operation – 1967-69
12. Myat Mon Operation – February 1969-71
13. Major Aung Than Operation – 1973
14. Sabe Operation February – 1974-78
15. Naga-Min (King Dragon) Operation – February 1978-79 (resulting in exodus of some 300,000 Rohingyas to Bangladesh)
16. Shwe Hintha Operation – August 1978-80
17. Galone Operation – 1979
18. Pyi Thaya Operation, July 1991-92 (resulting in exodus of some 268,000 Rohingyas to Bangladesh)
19. Na-Sa-Ka Operation, since 1992.(24)
20. 2012 to now, genocidal operation, killed 1000s of people, robbed properties and lands of Rohingya, block 1million Rohingya under slavery that caused exodus of nearly 400000 Rohingya to many countries, some of them died in the sea.
21. Despite a clear evidence of Burmese invasion and atrocities on the Rohingyas, State denies existence of Rohingya through national media.
If State doesn’t have program of Rohingya Genocide as a State Policy, they won’t keep us under genocidal blockage, they won’t let terrorist monks preach in every street of Burma in the name of “protect our religion and nation “and terrorizing minorities.
ICC: Can you prove those mentioned above are 969 leaders in Burma?
Aung: I post 100s of evidence since 2012; I don’t understand why the World leaders expect democracy from Neo-Nazis who has been implementing regime’s policies and laws. If you bring me and all 969 leaders I to ICC for justice, then you could see the clear picture of Burma. I am neither a politician nor belong to any organization; I never receive any penny from any organization, whatever I am writing is for the sake of humanity and justice.