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    Alarming: Possibly Violence May Take Place; Situation is Tense in Buthidaung, Western Burma

    Rohingya Victims, whose family members were killed and houses were destroyed, at the village of Duchiradan [Photo Credit: FB/U Shwe Maung (MP)]

    By Ibrahim Shah 
    February 2014

    Today some Rakhine extremists from anti-Muslim movement 969 made attempts extremely to assault Rohingya quarters in Buthidaung, the only remained Rohingya populous area without eruption of any violence since last year, western Myanmar.

    It is learnt reliably that the attempt to assault Rohingya in Buthidaung is a threat to Rohingya MP Mr. Shwe Maung from Buthidaung constituency to close his mouth since he is persistently speaking up against the unauthentic statement of Myanmar government over Rohingya and state-sponsored discrimination against them and raising voices in parliament to restore the deprived rights of Rohingya.

    On 31st January, Rohingya MP Mr. Shwe Maung claimed that the most recent setting fire to Rohingya village in Maungdaw is completely committed by involvement of Police. Here is attached the interview link with DVB:

    According to statement of our correspondent, it is learnt that some Rakhine extremists of Arakan liberation party from Bangladesh entered into Maungdaw and held talks with Rakhine Nationalist Development Party RNDP members and organized more Rakhine extremists to trigger violence in Rohingya quarters.