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Stop killing Rohingya Muslims

Arab News
January 22, 2014

I am surprised at the criminal silence of the international media over the atrocities committed against the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar. If one browses the Internet, he/she could find hundreds of reports on the plight of the poor Muslims in Rakhine province of Myanmar. Many of those reports correctly call it a slow-burning genocide. Unfortunately, the international media and the toothless champion of the human rights the United Nations is keeping mum over this issue. 

The UN appears satisfied by paying a mere lip service. 

According to some reports available on the Internet and reported by a few media outlets, a group of extremist Buddhists with the connivance of local authorities is butchering innocent unarmed Muslims. They attack Muslim villages in an organized manner and conveniently carry out their operation cleanup without facing any problem from the authorities. There are some reports claiming that Myanmar forces are forcing Muslim women into prostitution. They rape them and use them as sex slaves, the reports say. This is horrendous. I fail to understand as to why these acts are not termed as Buddhist terrorism. The world must swing into action to stop the killing of Rohingya Muslims. I urge the Muslim world to pressure Myanmar government to take action against the Buddhist terrorists slaughtering Muslims. — LalaJeddah

45 year-old Sura Katu grieved loudly over her emaciated-looking body. She fled from Nazih in June and died 2012 (photo BBC)