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More than 200 people killed in Kilaidaung

January 21, 2014, I just received a call from Maungdaw: The present situation in Kilaidaung, Arakan, Myanmar is very serious that the township head called the Buddhist villagers and forces this morning and told them to do more violences against muslims. “We do not care about UN, US and OIC because this is our country we can do whatever we want”, said the Township Officer. So,Monks and security polices with guns and weapons are still seized the village, so nobody is allowed to enter the villages nor come out except Buddhists to loot the properties and rape female of muslims. Some alive people of that village are estimated that at least 200 hundreds muslims people of that village have murdered by Buddhists and polices.

According to previous record the Kilaidaung village was very rich, but presently the whole village is totally destroyed by Myanmar government forces and Buddhists. This types of mass massacre are daily happening in Myanmar where Muslims live because the government empowers the neo-nazi terrorist Buddhists to kill muslims, to rob properties of Muslim and to rape muslims’ female. Otherwise, Myanmar government has to be shown justices to the worldwide by taking action of those Buddhist terrorists who are following neo-Nazi terrorists gangs.

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Shafiul Ansary