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    Israeli Style Myanmar Genocide

    By Shafiul  Ansary
    January 28, 2014 
    There are many concoction plans behind the genocide of Rohingyas by Myanmar government. Not only is that, but there are also many genocidal similarities between Myanmar and Israel. In fact, the Monks population of Arakan is recently increased since Myanmar genocidal law of 1982, which insults present human rights besides follows Buddhism, is become Neo-Nazi’s terrorists’ law.
    Every nation’s population in the world is growing year to year and decade to decades except Bangladeshi Buddhists even though Bangladesh is a democratic country which government much loves minorities than majorities, but Myanmar is still a dictatorship country which government openly kills minorities. What happened to the Buddhists of Bangladesh? Why the status of Buddhists population is declining? Do you think they are killed by BGD’s government? Do you think they are committed suicide themselves? None of them is right because they are settled into Arakan with the cooperation of Myanmar government. As recently, 350 (three hundreds fifty) Bengali Monks settled in Arakan by government in 27Jan 2014.They are recognized as Myanmar descendible citizens and they are offered Rohingyas’ lands, Rohingyas’ bloods and Rohingyas’ properties by Myanmar ridiculous government. 
    Presently, there are many new villages of new Bengali monks in every corner of Arakan which are settled by Myanmar authority on Rohingya’ lands. Many Buddhists are disappearing in Bangladesh but they are appearing on Arakan, is a genocidal policy of Myanmar. 
    Since 1948, there are many driving operations against Rohingya Muslims by government, most Rohingyas were kicked out from the country, some were killed and some other lasting Rohingyas are daily attacked by Myanmar Buddhists. None of the minority killers are arrested because Myanmar government’s administrators, minority attackers and conflict investigators are same persons, so who will find the impartial result which are impossible by government without full intervention of UN.
    Surviving as a Muslim in Myanmar is very challenging today in Myanmar because this is a longstanding genocidal brutalism plan of government to erase out Rohingya minority which can only find out by international monitors.
    Moreover, Israel and Myanmar achieved their Independence in 1948 and Myanmar was also the first country in South East Asia to recognise Israel as an Independent State because Myanmar is following it style. Israel’s dream is filling up by settling on Palestinian’s lands and killing innocent Palestinians such as Myanmar’s dream is filling up too by settling Bengali Buddhists on Rohingyas’ lands and slaughtering innocent Rohingyas. 
    To prevent this type of inhumane brutality toward a nation must need UN peace keeping forces to protect Myanmar Rohingyas. Besides, Myanmar government has to permit international observers into the conflict areas. Otherwise, lasting Rohingyas are exterminated soon by notorious Buddhists.
    Myanmar foreigners in Arakan state are Bengali Buddhist Monks not Rohingyas because Rohingyas inhabited in Arakan from the Sultani period or before, but the monks inhabited in Arakan from the Thein Sein period. So they are called peace-loving Buddhist Monks in spite of they have to be called Bengali Monks or war crimes Buddhists.
    Shafiul Ansary (
    Vancouver, Canada