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A letter from Editor( part I)

By Ibrahim Shah 
Burma Times 
January 1, 2014

Burma Times:  Happy New Year! May God bestow His Special mercy on the every souls of this earth planet so that the weak and vulnerable human kind can pass daily lives without any bloodshed.

First of all, all the praises  be to the Lord of both worlds and tremendously thanks to the valued readers of Burma Times who encouraged and helped us visiting our precise and unbiased news running site to informatively promote and publish more fresh news to pave the way of achieving happiness learning regular updated news for readers and citizens of Myanmar/Burma and readers from each corner of this earth planet.

The media is the most powerful weapon for this 21st century to upgrade and degrade the circumstance of any environment where we have been living with many different socities unitedly as one family. As this 21st century emerged from darkness of ruthless and immoral times due to increasingly progression of sophisticated technologies, we have been going to be enlightened with morality and magnanimity due to publishing authentic informative news by unbiased media all over the world.

Since amidst 2012,when the chief of Burmese quasi-civilian regime president Thein Sein is profoundly silent to the thugocracy of Rakhine extremists in Rakhine stateand misinterpretation of Buddhism by so called monks led by Wirathu throughout Burma and continual war in ethnic minority areas particularly Kachin state and sexual assault of armies to innocent local women; we the team of Burma Times made an attempt to establish this media project  namely Burma Times and started publishing more precise and informative news for the sake of the citizens of Myanmar  including readers around the world.

we are watchful to publish  informative news to bring public awareness to engage corporately for creating peace and harmony between every nationalities of Myanmar so that every individuals can differentiate justice and injustice differentially giving up hatred mindset and discriminatory policies imposed by former  ruthless Hitlerite martial rulers against ethnic minorities.

With relentless efforts, we have been working hard to create international lobbies over Burmese regime circulating worldwide the news on the ongoing crimes against humanity or atrocities against the ethnic minorities including stateless Rohingya perpetarted by state backed Buddhist extremists and the ruthless militaristic rulers.

We are hopeful that the current Burmese quasi-civilian regime led by President Thein Sein will create platform for every nationalities including one of the world most persecuted victims Rohingya of western Myanmar/ Burma declared by UN to taste the peace and liberty of full-fledged democracy.

Moreover, we expect also that the neighboring countries of Myanmar/Burma and international socities including EU council, ASEAN and US will engage more willingly to promote the fragile democracy into full-fledged democracy in Myanmar/Burma.

To publish regular news without official censorship, in particular, full-fledged democracy is vital for media in Myanmar/Burma.

We the team of Burma Times expresses our huge gratitude to distinguished readers who visit our site regularly.

By the support of our valued readers, we hope confidently that the Burma Times will persist publishing different news from different parts of the world including Myanmar/Burma.

Wish 2014 is an accurate year for our citizens of Myanmar/Burma to taste full-fledged democracy without thugocracy and a freedom year for media in particular!