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    Unspeakable extortion and harassment by village administrator and armies in Buthidaung Township

    Burma Times
    – A religious teacher from Kin Daung Village said on the condition of anonymity
    that the military personals from battalion 551 under the Dabru Chaung brigade,
    village administrator and their abettors are extorting, threatening and
    harassing to the villagers in different area inside and out side the kin 
    village tract under Buthidaung Township.

    The administrator of kin Daung village
    who lives in Dum Pine Buddhist village is collecting money 2000 or 3000 or
    5000kyats from the villagers according to their status today on 30 NOV 2013. In
    this case his some puppets are helping to him in collecting the cash.

    The administrator shows different reasons to the villagers when collecting cash
    from them such as district peace & development council (Ka Ya Ka ) and City
    peace and development council ( Ma Ya Ka) ordered to him to provide some cash
    or something etc. in deed they are selling the higher authorities name to for
    the extortion. If anybody try to refuse to pay the amount as they are very
    impoverished the administrator threaten of mentioning about torturing of the
    authority. So the villagers feel fear as soon as they heard the two names and
    they cannot go to Ka Ya Ka or Ma Ya Ka to know about the truth as they are
    Rohingya Muslim and illiterate. Through this way the administrator and his main
    abettor Saddek son of Kamal aged 45years from lay Mryo village under Kin Daung
    village tract are taking advantages of villagers being illiterate and Rohingya
    and looting hundred thousands of kin Daung villagers’ money.

    The teacher
    also said, they administrator and his main abettor are taking big amount like
    minimum 20,000kyats to 60,0000kyats from the villagers for their new born baby
    registration process which Na Sa Ka taught them before. If the villagers are
    unable to provide the amount as they are very poor ,at that time the stooges of
    administrator and military personals pay them some money on interests which
    they later take back from the villagers through harassment and torturing . In
    fact the village administrator and military personal are using Rohingya to make
    their earning sources. Besides they are also taking extortion from those daily
    workers who used to go to Bangladesh for earning.

    strongly, the administrator set some stooges of him in the said village to get
    the regular information of some villagers and some other labors of the village
    arrival from Bangladesh so that he could threaten to them and extort cash. In
    addition the armies who are on duty at Saing Daung water fall are also extorting
    20,000kyats per thousand bamboo poles. The stooges of the authority also
    showing their help of drama to the poor villagers,i.e they are helping to the
    villagers by provide the cash of interest promptly when the villagers couldn’t
    see anything to get back their bamboos from the armies. But the poor villagers
    couldn’t understand what may happen with them later due to taking the interest
    money. if any villagers failed to pay up the amount including interests in due
    time which they borrowed from the stooges then the stooges started harassing to
    the villagers such as beating, forcefully taking money from them by the help of
    the authority and call them to the battalion to torture .

    And they
    forced the villagers to sell out their houses to pay up the amount. But still
    they cannot pay up full amount as the amount increased with interest.
    Ultimately  they become bankrupt that obliged them to leave the
    country empty handed . There are hundreds of different villagers who had to
    leave the country for being insolvent. Here I am mentioning some poor
    villagers’ name who had left the country within present and last year. They are

    1.       Sayed
    Kasim       son of   Hadura                south
    of kin daung village

    2.       Samiullah             son
    of   Adumunaf           so
    as above

    3.       Ahmedullah        son
    of  Shobbir                  so
    as above

    4.       Md Hossain        son
     Shunameah            so
    as above

    5.       Zayed Hossain   son
     Adunabi                   so
    as above

    6.       Kala
    meah           son of
     Bodiya            mid block of kin
    daung village

    7.       Adurahman        son
    of  MD Hossain             so
    as above

    8.       Md
    hossain         son of
    Alizuhar      south of kn daung village, etc

    The teacher
    also sadly said that the government authorities are surprising decreasing the
    Rohingya population from Aarkan state (now Rakhine state) by using systematic
    and unnoticeable way.

    MYINT is a special reporter for Burma Times from Maungdaw