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Two smugglers and two Rohigya men nabbed by police

Burma Times (Maung
Daw) Today, Two smugglers and two Rohinaya men including a teenager child were
arrested by the outpost police of the 
Kayein Chaung (Balibazaar) village and Oo Shin Kya (Burashida para) village
under Maung daw district according to a competent source.
The two smuggler
men are  1. Md Salam son of Zayed
Hossain  2. Noor mohamed who are the
resident of the Sa bya goon (laalpara) village under maungdaw district. The two
men carrying illegal bangladeshi mobile cards were arrested by the police while
they were returning from the bangladesh illegaly. The two men are not only
smugglers but also boatmen who are regularly cross the bangladesh – myanmar
border by boat. Actually they have contracted with the batallion of kayein
chaung village to carray the passangers everyday across the bangladesh-myanmar
border and to smuggle some goods into myanmar for one year.
Accidently the
police from kayein chaung outpost descried and doubted to the two and then
raided. The police found some bangladeshi mobile cards worthy for four thousand
taka and arrested both of them red-handed today at evening around 6:00pm.
Actually the police arrested them on way while they were returning to their
outpost from maung daw. Aftermath the smuggler hands were fastened by ropes to
the police motor-bike back handle and taken to the kayein chaung outpost where
the police took 400,000kyats from them to release.
Moreover another
police group who are temporarily staying in the Oo Shin kya village arrested
two more sentry duty doer of the villge today at dawn time (around 4:00am). The
are Md Alom  and Shafi Alom son of
Shammulok from the said village.The two men are brother. Cunningly the group was
hiding at the side of the road just on the duty end time of the sentry duty
doer. And the police knowingly arrested to the two innocent brothers while they
were returning from their duty at 4:00am as the duty time was over. Then the
police punched the two brothers on the spot and taken them to the post where
the police took 10,000kyats from them to release.
Besides the police
group detained to a thirteen years old child named Hamid Hossain son of Zahir
Ahmed also from Oo Shin kya village. The child is a helmsman of the boat.
Actually the child carries the passengers from his village river bank to the
Ray Dwan Chaung village shore. Today he also carried two men by his boat from
his village shore to another shore as usual. Suddenly the mentioned police who
are staying at the river bank started calling the two men who already crossed
the river. The police detained the child when the men refused to come back to
the shore and the police extorted 5000kyats from the child to release.

a special reporter for Burma Times from Maung Daw