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Two police officers unconditionally released in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Two
police officers accompanied by 3 others were unconditionally released on
November 27, after about fifteen months of detention at Hluntin Headquarters of
Maungdaw Town. They were arrested because of involvement in Yaba tablets
business, according to an elder named Musa (not real name) of Maungdaw.

“The released detainees
were—U Thaung Tin (Camp-in-Charge of Maungdaw police station), U Hla Thein
(Second police officer),U Nyu Nyu (Police constable)  along with another policeman and one Buddhist
monk. They were arrested with 160,000 Yaba tablets in Maungdaw last year. The
matter was well-known to the local public.” 

However, the
arrestees were dismissed by law suit unconditionally on November 27, though
they were arrested with red-handed with Yaba tablets. But, the concerned
authorities gave heavy punishment to the civilians who had been caught with
Yaba. But the police officers and policemen were demoted from their original
positions, said another businessman from the locality who denied to be named.

“Those who are the
authority persons to destroy the smuggling of Yaba tablets, are also involved
in the smuggling of Yaba is very shameful for the government.”

The police officers
U Thaung Tin and U Hla Thein gave many difficulties and harassments to the
Rohingya community during the conflict period of Rakhie and Rohingya in 2012,
said a local trader.

After releasing
from detention, within three days, the police officer U Hla Thein accompanied
by a group of Hluntin, on November 29, at around 7:00 pm, arrested one villager
named Atura (aka) Khalu (47), a bamboo seller of Ward No.5 of Maungdaw Town
without giving any allegation.  Later, he
was brought to Hluntin camp where he was kept in detention center. The victim’s
house was also totally burned down into ashes during the conflict of June 2012,
said Husain (not real name) from Maungdaw north. 

After his arrest, a
few minutes later, security cars of Hluntin came to nearby Ward No.5 and beaten
up arbitrarily to the market goers who met with Hluntin. There is a small
market near the Wards Number 5. In Maungdaw Township, 144-emergency Act is
still imposed from 10:00pm to 06:00 am, especially for Rohingya community
except other non-Rohingya communities. Why the market goers were beaten up by
the security forces, reason is still unknown, he more added. 

“Villagers say that
the security forces treat us like animals, otherwise, they do not activate like
this,” said Malu (not real name) a local trader from Maungdaw Town. 

A Rohingya youth
who did not want to say his name said, “The notorious police officer U Hla
Thein is not appointed in any position, but he along with Hluntin arrested
Rohingya villagers without finding any fault against them is an
incomprehensible event for me.”
Source KPN