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Tilburg University – Global Forum on Statelessness

New Directions in Statelessness Research and Policy
We are very happy to announce that from 15 to 17 September 2014 the
first ever global forum on statelessness will take place in The Hague, the
Netherlands. The three-day event is co-hosted by UN High Commissioner for
Refugees (UNHCR), the agency mandated by the General Assembly to help states to
address statelessness, and the Statelessness Programme of Tilburg

Registration for
the Global Forum is now open! The deadline for sumitting proposals
for presentations has passed.

In 2014 we will commemorate the 60th anniversary of the adoption of the
first United Nations Convention to address the problem of statelessness: the
1954 Convention relating to the Status of Stateless Persons. The momentum on
action to address statelessness has increased in recent years, owing to the
joint efforts of governments, NGOs, academic institutions and UNHCR, which
holds a mandate from the UN General Assembly to identify and protect stateless
persons and to prevent and reduce statelessness globally. As such, 2014 is an
opportune moment to take stock of where things stand and debate the next steps,
through the convening of the First Global Forum on Statelessness.     
·    Share good practices and challenges in policy development on
·    Explore and debate contemporary statelessness research and policy
·    Encourage new research on statelessness across and between a range of
academic disciplines
·   Provide a platform for the voices of stateless persons in the
development of new research and policy directions
·  Strengthen existing partnerships and build new networks among different
stakeholders engaged on statelessness

·      key staff from UNHCR and other UN organisations
·      government representatives
·      Academics
·      NGOs
·      Legal practitioners
Stateless and formerly stateless people

There will be opportunities for these participants to present their
research, reflect on existing and emerging policy initiatives, as well as to
engage in debate on key issues and share their experiences of statelessness.
In addition, the Global Forum will reach a wider audience both in the
Netherlands and around the world through the simultaneous hosting of a public
exhibition of Greg Constantine’s award-winning photographic series on
statelessness, “Nowhere People” ( in the Hague, by
setting up a live stream and web-casts of key sessions of the Global Forum for
people who cannot attend,  and by publishing a book after the conference
which compiles the most interesting and cutting-edge research on the topic.
Information about the themes and topics that will be discussed during
the event can be found under Program.
Soon we will publish the names of our first confirmed keynote speakers.
If you wish to be kept updated about the conference, please send an