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Restricted the surviving ways of Rohingya Muslims

December 14, 2013

According to a teacher from Wa Ma Kya village said on the condition of anonymity, the authority of buthidaung township and village administrators of the Takan Kwa Sone village, Maw Taw biz village, Boon Gyi village (Sayed bawli fara), Kwa Son Village(Fatayma fara) and Wa Ma Kya village of the Takan Kwa Sone Village tract under Buthidaung Township have restricted the villagers going to the nearest mountain and one village to another village, etc.

 Usually most of the villagers survive by selling fire woods that bring from the nearest mountain. At present they couldn’t go to bring the firewood from it as they were warned by the authorities not to go to the mountain.  So many villagers are in serious troubles.The mountain is about 10km far away from the Rohingya villages and they have to cross the Rakhine villages to go to the mountain. Besides the Rohingya villagers cannot go from one village to another village without the written prior permission of the village administrator. But there is no any prohibition for the Buddhist villagers to go to either mountain or any where.

Now the villagers have to buy the firewood from the other village tract that is very far away from their villages. There are many Rakhine villages surrounded the Tay kan Kwa Sone village tract which has only five separate Rohingya villages. So the Rakhine villagers feel easy to attack the Muslim villagers at any time and there is no sufficient security for the Rohingya villagers. So the Rohingya villagers are in a great danger as the Buddhist villagers are habituated by bloody fighting. And a villager whose name is unidentified was beaten by the security forces seriously.

The villager was dead one month of he was beaten up. There is only one Navy Ship and one police out post where only seven to eight police live. They also harass to the villagers and extort money as the villagers’ family member or members are living in abroad. There are 51 villagers of Kwa Sone village alone are living in abroad. The police extorted money from every those the mentioned 51 families.

Now the villagers are in severe fears of prospective attack by the Buddhist villagers as there is relatively very less security for the Rohingya villagers in the region.