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    Rakhine Police Rampage Rohingya Village in Buthidaung

    Report by MYARF | Written by M.S. Anwar
    December 18, 2013 | Buthidaung Township
    Police Officer, U Than Kyaw, from the Nyaung-Chaung Police Station of Buthidaung Township is rampaging a nearby Rohingya village called Pyong-Chaung. Just to extort money, he is endangering Rohingyas’ living condition in the village under false and fabricated charges against Rohingyas of possesing illegal Bangladeshi Mobile Phones or being human trafficking agents.
    A list of the people victimised by him is mentioned below.
    1) Mohammed Rafique (son of) Nasir Ahmed (Age 22) (Kyat 60,000 extorted on 2ndDecember 2013)
    2) Abu Siddique (son of) Khalu (Age 26) (Kyat 30,000 extorted on 29th November 2013)
    3) Ali (son of) Muzaar (Age 34) (Kyat 30,000 extorted on 3rd December 2013)
    4) Aman Ullah (son of) Noor Islam (Age 25) (Kyat 50,000 extorted on 3rd December 2013)
    5) Mohammed Yunose (son of) Amir Hamza (Age 39) (Kyat 45,000 extorted on 11thNovember 2013)
    6) Tasmin (daughter of) Nabi Hussain (Age 20) (Kyat 40,000 extorted on 4thDecember 2013)
    7) Mohammed Hussain (son of) Noor Ahmed (Age 28) (Kyat 20,000 extorted on 29thNovember 2013)
    8) Sayed Kasim (son of) Mohammed Iliyaas (Age 35) (Kyat 25,000 extorted on 2ndDecember 2013)
    Buthidaung Township
    Buthidaung Township