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    Prices of essential commodities increased in Maungdaw

    women cleaning rice in Sittwe / Burma Photo Andreas (LEO) Urban
    By KPN
    08, 2013
    Arakan State: The prices of essential items including rice, onions, vegetables
    and fish have been increased in kitchen markets in Maungdaw Townships, Nuru
    (not real name), a trader from Maungdaw said.
    the prices of essential commodities have been increased and skyrocketed in
    Maungdaw since 1st December 2013.”
    a local villager Farid (not real name) from the area (Aley Than Kyaw) paid a
    visit to the market on December 7, he found that a bag of rice is being sold at
    18,000 Kyat while it was sold 14,000 Kyat per 50 kilogram bag in November, but
    a bag of normal rice is being sold at 13,000 to 15,000 Kyat per bag, it was
    sold at 12,000 Kyat in last month.
    villager also said that a kilo of dried chili is being sold at 2,500 Kyat, it
    was sold at 1,800 Kyat before, a kilo of onion is being sold at 1,500 Kyat , it
    was sold at 1,200 Kyat and a kilo of fish is being sold at 2,000 to 3,000 Kyat
    , it was sold at 1,000 to 1,500 Kyat  in
    November 2013, but others goods are going on normally.
    prices of fish have also been increased in the Maungdaw Townships because the
    fishing boats in Maungdaw south have been blocked by the concerned authority
    without giving any reason since 1st December 2013, a local fisherman Salim (not
    real name) said.
    to Maungdaw sources, the prices of rice and onions have suddenly been increased
    in the local markets because the rice and onion are being exported to
    Bangladesh from Arakan State.
    November 23, at about 175 metric tons of rice were exported to Bangladesh from
    Maungdaw, Arakan State, through the transit point of Teknaf land port, sources
    a local trader from Teknaf confirmed the report and told the Kaladan Press
    Network that the rice was exported to Bangladesh by the businessmen of
    Bismillah Enterprise and Sayed Enterprise in Tekanf land port.
    order to keep the prices of essentials within the reach of the common people,
    the Burmese government has not taken any step to stop the skyrocketing prices
    of the essentials, said a local elder from Maungdaw.