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    Mra Raza Linn and Burma’s Baby Killing Buddhists Strike Again

    Tim King 

    Rohingyas in Burma are under constant tyranny and persecution living in sub-human condition, worse than apartheid era of South Africa.

    (SACRAMENTO) – Rohingya people in Burma saw another massive fire sweep through illegal Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps today. It happened at 2:00 p.m. Burma time In Ngat Choung (Keraggiri) IDP camp, Pauktaw, Arakan. A fire quickly broke out, it reportedly started in a kitchen and 42 shelters burnt into ashes, killing a small baby.

    People on the ground stress that it is just one of many IDP camp fires that has taken place.

    The Muslim citizens of Myanmar in these camps are displaced because their government aided radical violent Buddhists in driving them from their homes in the first place.

    When the smoke began to clear today, ten children remained unaccounted for, and one 15-day old baby, Nur Khatu, daughter of U Huson Ahmad and Daw Kunsuma, died of burn injuries in Kayagyi village, Pauk Taw township.

    This is taking place just two days before the first Rohinghya conference in the USA, taking place at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee on 14 December 2013.

    Witnesses on the ground in Burma say burning, killing, uprooting and looting were the main agenda items at a recent meeting of Rakhine Buddhists in Thailand last week. The event was chaired by racist Mra Raza Linn, who does not recognize the Rohingya’s existence in Arakan. She is known for issuing false and harmful statements about the Rohingya.

    For example, she told the BBC Burmese Service on 4th April 2007, “still Bangladeshi people are stealthily entering into Arakan. They committed rape of many Rakhine women.”

    Mra Raza Linn

    That is a forward statement considering that she is in fact, married to a Bangladeshi man. As far as rapes go, this is a hallmark call of all racist regimes, such as the American south toward Blacks following the Civil War. Rape is always used as an emotional tool in these cases to ignite more hatred and spur more abuse.

    In the same year, 2007, Saw Mra Raza Linn was told she would receive the Yawari Human Rights Award from Japan – but the prize was pupped when the awarding committee discovered that Linn is a racist.

    Soe Myint wrote,

    “Although most of the Rakhine politicians and activists stanchly oppose the Burmese military rule, they are readily reinforcing the ‘Rohingya extermination policy’ of the regime, providing it with planned disinformation and necessary cooperation. Some of their intellectuals are busy inventing regular make-believe stories, distorting Rohingya historicity and vilifying them as aliens or British-time settlers. Notwithstanding division among them, most of the Rakhine political or armed separatist groups who dream of ‘independent Arakan’ are in hallucination to rid Arakan of the Muslim population.”

    Witnesses say the new violence is preplanned by Mra Raza Linn chair meeting of ANC Arakan National Council in Chaingmai, Thailand, last week. The attendees decided to drive out remaining Rohingya by any means. This is a fearful plan. All of the Rakhine Buddhist groups around the world and Ramngoon attended the meeting. The only hidden (unwritten) agenda was to eliminate Rohingya from Arakan through genocides. All agree to finish Rohingyas. Now the Rohingya of Pauktaw are burning.

    According to local reports, at this time, 34 Rohingya IDP camps and 7 kitchens have been lit ablaze.