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    Looting Rohingya money by school teachers and polices in Maung Daw

    December 5, 2013
    ( Maungdaw) Police from Maung Daw Township are collecting extortion from the villagers of different villages at the check post of Shwe Zar Bridge in Maung Daw Township on 5th December 2013. The check post was settled at the starting point of the bridge during the violence of 2012.
    And they comparatively are taking greater amount from the villagers. Police of the checkpoint has fixed a new extortion rate as 3000kyats per taxi and sometimes 500kyats per head. Before some weeks, suddenly they suspended their extortion taking from the villagers at check point and again they activated their naughty activities in this week. Yesterday the police had extorted 6000kyats from two shopkeepers of Oo Shin Kya village under Maung Daw district yesterday. Besides they also harass to the villagers by checking the goods and taxi.
    Another villager from Nga Kura village under Maung Daw Township said on the condition of anonymity that the school teachers of the Nga Kura High School have increased the monthly test fee of the middle class and high class students in the said village beginning from month of December. There are nearly 25 teachers for over than 600students in the school.
    Unfortunately, all of the teachers are Buddhist who neither attend the school regularly nor teach the students carefully despite they get full salary from the government. Unnecessarily the head teacher of the school increased the test fee to 1000kyats though he fixed it before 500kyats per students. The sudden increase of fee has resulted unnecessary troubles to the hundred of impoverished villagers. The teachers’ careless teaching are causing grieves among the class nine and ten students he added. Most of the poor villagers are unable to provide the increased fee of their children in the school as they don’t have income due to restriction of the movement. In fact it became very challenging for the villager as the men cannot get daily work regularly.
    MAUNG HLA MYINT is a special reporter for Burma Times from Maung Daw