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    ERC Delegation Met with Swedish (MP) Leader of the Green group

    Stockholm, 11.December (Burma Times) ERC delegation met with a member of Swedish parliament Leader of the Green group and the Committee on the Labour Market. The delegation was included Abul Kalam, ERC secretary of welfare and development, Dr. Ahmed Siddiqui, Rohingya Doctor lives in Swedish and one of reputable advocates of Rohingya, Jan Wihlborg and Johan Wihlborg.
    The Green Group had already assured that the ERC delegation could participate to advocate for the stateless Rohingya and to unveil the long plight of Rohingya in next session of Swedish parliament. The dignified MP of Green Group stressed to ERC for more effectively working for the stateless Rohingay to create lobby over the Burmese genocidal rulers by the European governments.
    Abul Kalam , ERC secretary of welfare and development and the three ERC advisers— Dr. Ahamed Siddiqui , Jan Wihlborg and Johan Wihlborg are dynamically working with relentless efforts to empower the ERC so that it can bring a sustainable resolution for the distressed Rohingya community of western Burma. Dr. Ahamed Siddiqui is striving strongly to promote the worse situation of Rohingya and to spread the critical situation of Rohingya through Swedish parliament. Jan Wihlborg and Johan Wihlborg are more eager to advocate for the world conveniently forgotten people Rohingya and they contributed everything in one seminar held in Sweden last month.
    It is really happy news for Rohingya that the ERC will highlight and participate in Swedish next session of parliament for Rohingya issue by Green group of Swedish parliament.