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BGD pushes back 48-Rohingya to Burma

Teknaf, Bangladesh:  Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) arrested 48-Rohingya and pushed back to Burma on December 18, said, Hakim, local from Teknaf border town.
“They were arrested from the entry points of Teknaf border town on that day, at about 7:00 pm by BGB while they were entering Bangladesh by illegal way.”
A BGB  group of Nilla out-post camp conducted a drive in border area and arrested 48- Rohingya on Wednesday night along with 8 children, 27 males and 18 females who came to Bangladesh crossing the border by a row boat, according to BGB sources.
The BGB sources also said that they all belonged to Maungdaw Township, Arakan State, Burma.
However, they were sent back to Burma on that night by BGB later, said our correspondent.
When asked one of the arrestees, he said, “They are trying to cross Burma-Bangladesh border to take refuge in Bangladesh as they are facing—many difficulties, such as—arbitrary arrest and extortion, restriction of movement, and have no jobs and no money to support our family members. Now, we are starving.”
Recently, the fishing boats of Maungdaw south have been totally banned by the concerned authority of Burma since the first week of December 2013. So, many fishermen are facing from their continued existence because of their livelihood, said another Rohingya who came recently to Bangladesh.
Burmese government keeps Rohingya people into inconsequential camps or their own villages and surrounded by army or Hluntin where restriction of movement, no proper health care, no education, no sufficient sanitation, no enough clean drinking water and have no access to do anything for survival. They have also to live in a small room in crowded camps with unhygienic condition, according to a local elder from Maungdaw Town.  
The fate of the pushed back refugees is still not known to the public, said a local trader from Maungdaw Tow