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    Authority exercising descrimination against Rohingya Muslims

    Maung Daw, Dec 11. (Burma Times) Authorities of the Maung Daw district are reportedly exercising discrimination against Rohingya muslim  in different villages under  maung daw township. In most of the territory of the maung daw ,both buddhists and  muslims use bangladeshi mobile sim card openly and secretly.

    Surprisingly there is a difference lying between them . That is, buddhists people can use the card overtly while muslims have to get permission to use it overtly  otherwise have to  use it covertly.Yesterday on (09 Dec 2013), Three Hlun tin personals arrested a rohingya man named Nooriya in connection of illegal sim card using and took him to Kayein Chaung police campus immediately. The three-man Hlun tin  went to his house to raid according to a secret information they got. The information was about the belonging illegal bangladeshi mobile sim cards and using it.

    The group found the door closed when they reached to the Nooriya’s house at about 10:00pm. Then the group broke the door and raided the house. The Hlun tin arrested to him as they found one bangladeshi sim card and mobile in his house. but they never arrested any buddhists of using bangladeshi sim cards though they use it openly at everywhere of maung daw district . And Nooriya was directly taken to Kayein Chaung Police outpost from where he was sent to city court on the following day. It is still unknown how many years or days he was sentenced by the court for  this case.

    Normally the authorities of the Myanmar formerly Burma openly discriminate to not only Rohingya but also all the muslims in every those teritories of burma where muslims are living. But there is neither any attention of Thein Sein’s government on it nor any legal action that was taken by the central government against those extremists who are offending wearing governmet’s uniform.

    MAUNG HLA MYINT is a special reporter for Burma Times from Maung Daw