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A quest for unveiling crimes against “Rohingya”

(Burma Times) Ibrahim Shah — The ethnic minority Muslim from western part of Burma evidently well-known as Rohingya are the long settled people there since the 7thcentury AD according to many strong historical records.
Through this article, it is a challenge to Burmese atrocious Buddhist radicals and chauvinistic rulers—world class liar President Thein Sein, hypocrite-Nobelist Aung San Suu Kyi (ASSK), inexperienced Burmese presidential spokesperson Ye Htut, uncultivated NLD spokesperson Nyan Win, co-mentor of Rohingya ethnic cleansing Vet. Aye Muang , so called leader of 88 generation student Ko Ko Gyi and those who utter baseless words  concerning Rohingya existence into Arakan( Arakan was not a part of Burma until the final invasion of it by Burmese King Maung Wai in 1784)—who reached first whether Rohingya or Burmese in western part of Burma widely known as Arakan that was politically changed as Rakhine in 1974 in dictatorship of world worst dictator Ne Win.
Historical evidence of Rohingya existence into Arakan before arrival of the Burmese intruders
Famous European traveler Dr.Francis Buchanan (1762-1829 AD, in one of his accounts, “A Comparative Vocabulary of some of the languages spoken in the Burman Empire published in 1799” it was stated that, “ the native Mugs of Arakan called themselves ‘Yakin’, which name is also commonly given to them by the Burmese. The people of Pegu are named ‘Taling’. By the Bengal Hindus, at least by such of them as have been settled in Arakan, the country is called Rossawn. The Mahammedans who have long settled at Arakan call the country ‘Rovingaw’ and called themselves ‘Rooinga’ or native of Arakan…)
The language of Ananda Chandra inscription written at the end of 8th century in Nagri literature has 70% similarity to Rohingya language. As well as, no inscriptions in the Burmese script are found in Arakan before 11th and 12th centuries.
Burmese King Muang Wai invaded Arakan in 1784 and ruined many historical mosques, temples, shrines, seminaries and libraries, including the Mrauk-U Royal Library. As for Arakanese Buddhists, their revered Mahamuni Image of Lord Buddha was taken away to Burma and thousand of Arakanese Muslims and Arakanese Buddhists were put to death.
Some official brief accounts of Rohingya—broadcasting from radio program in the Rohingya language was relayed three times a week from the indigenous language programme of the official Burma Broadcasting Service in Rangoon, from 15 May 1961 to 30 October 1965. Myanma EncyclopediaVol.9, page 89-90, published in 1964, concludes that population of 500,000 living in Mayu Frontier of Northern Arakan State 75% is Rohingya. “The majority people live in Buthidaung, Maungdaw and Rathedaung Townships are ethnic Rohingya and the minorities are Rakhine, Daingnet, Mro and Khami” wrote in Tatmataw Khit Yay journal Vol.12, No.6 printed on 18 July 1961 and Vol. 12, No.9 printed on 8 August 1961.
“The people living in Buthidaung and Maungdaw Townships are Rohingya, ethnic of Burma” said Burma’s first prime minister U Nu in a public speech on 25 September 1954 at 8 pm. “The Rohingya has the equal status of nationality with Kachin, Kayah, Karen, Mon, Rakhine and Shan” said the prime minister and minister for defense U Ba Swe at public gatherings in Buthidaung and Maungdaw Townships on 3 and 4 November 1959.
“The people living in Mayu Frontier is ethnic Rohingya” included in the announcement of Frontiers Administration office under Prime Minister Office on 20 November 1961. Mayu Frontier is composed of Buthidaung, Maungdaw and Rathedaung Townships.
Apparently, Rohingya is the recognized ethnic minority by the first Burmese parliamentarian and first Prime Minister U Nu.
The sharp reaction of uncultivated Burmese officers and MPs to UN appeal for Rohingya citizenship
Kyaw Tin, Burma’s Permanent Representative told the UN assembly that Burma has a “long standing position against the use of the word ‘Rohingya minority’ and the presidential spokesperson Ye Htut said, “The government absolutely does not accept the word ‘Rohingya.
Aye Maung, chairman of Rakhine National Development Party (RNDP), which represents the state’s Buddhist majority, said he totally rejected the UN’s call for Rohingya citizenship.
“I feel that the world’s powerful countries are trying to pressure us through the UN,” he said. “We won’t give them [the Rohingyas] our land, not even one inch. We will protect our land by giving our lives.”
Regrettably, it is to be expressed that the blindly accusation of Rohingya as illegal immigrants by the Burmese radical monks and depraved ultra-Nationalist Buddhist  is a deliberate insult to the faith of Rohingya and to swiftly eradicate them from soil of Arakan despite the fact that Rohingya have been living there since many decades peacefully.
Here is my censorious question to above mentioned Burmese radicals and successors of intruder King Maung Wai
1. Is there any state in the world where the first official language is foreign language?
2. When the Ananda Chandra inscription was written in Nagri literature at the end of 8th century, where were those Burmese Buddhist radicals of today who are chanting with Buddhist Nationalism that Rohingya are illegal immigrants from neighboring Bangladesh?
 2. Why the official name of western part of Burma was not recorded in “history of Arakan  and its people” by historians and researches before 18th century as Rakhine as well as not termed in Burmese language as of today if it is true that there were no Rohingya ever there?
3. How did the hyphocrite-Nobelist ASSK signed in her NLD party membership registration cards with Rohingya identity unless she knows utterly Rohingya are whether Burmese ethnic group or illegal migrants?
4. Why the Ananda Chandra inscription was not written in Burmese literature and written in Nagri literature which has 70% similarity to Rohingya language if the Burmese arrived in western part of Burma before Rohingya or Rooinga?
5. Which rule is legitimate whether democratic rule or dictatorial rule?
6. Is the military-drafted Burma’s 1982 citizenship law during dictatorship of Ne Win eligible with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights or with Burma’s legal obligations under international treaties?
7.  The Burmese genocidal rulers have been massacring Rohingya since 1978 restricting them in marriage, education, movement, population and faith. Accordingly, it is only genocide, otherwise, what is to be called strictly to the ongoing several crimes of Burmese rulers against Rohingya?
I, the censorious article writer as one of the advocates of the distressed and impoverished Rohingya of western part of Burma/Myanmar challenge to atrocious Burmese Buddhist radicals to prove the above mentioned hidden truth behind Rohingya and hidden injustice behind current Burmese radicals.
There is no gap to conceal any of above interrogations.
As soon as possible, I trustfully expect that the Burmese radical campaign will grasp this opportunity to challenge historically and logically concerning Rohingya existence in western part of Burma for the sake of protection to Burma from worldwide bad reputation that has been notoriously infamous as Burma is full of Buddhist terrorists since 2012.
Ibrahim Shah is the editor of Burmatimes.He can be reached @ibrmshah