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    150 police and Hlun tin ransacked the house and nabbed two administrators

    Maung Daw,12. December Over than hundreds of police,Hlun tin with high officals form Maung Daw township ransacked the house of the present village administrator and former village adiministrator of the Oo Shin kya village tract under Maung daw district last night at 8:00pm (on 11 Nov 2013).

    They arrested the two said administrators of the village although they did find neither any weapon nor anything harmful. The authorites said they got a secret information of hidden weapons in the administrators’s house. So they came to raid the house. Then they digged whole yard and completely ransacked inside and outside the house of the administrators in search of weapons.
    Thus they didn’t left any corner of the yard undigged and any corner of the house without raiding. Surprisingly the authorities looted 200,000 kyats of the present administrator that was found by them while raiding the house. Although they did not find any thing in the house they reportedly arrested the two administrarors of no reason and taken to maung daw district office to investigate but it is still unknown that in which office exactly they were taken to.According to a competent soure from Maung Daw.
    The villagers said it is a new plan of the government authorities to arrest the rohingya peoples who have alittle bit knowledge about the leading or administrating people . The police and other authorities make false allegation and arbitrary arrest the rohinagya villgers in the district which makes the villagers unrest and peaceless.
    MAUNG HLA MYINT is a special reporter for Burma Times from Maung Daw