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    Red- Alert of possibly violence against Rohingya by Buddhist after OIC departure

    Photo: Sai Zaw / The Irrawaddy

    Burma Times Ibrahim Shah- Paradoxically, the world class liar, Burmese president Thein Sein is playing his deceptive games— allowed OIC to visit Burma,on the other hand, warn them to immediately get out from Burma insulting them by angry protest of state backed extremists led by monks.

    A delegation of Organization of Islamic Cooperation led by Secretary General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu and seven foreign ministers from the organization’s member states— Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Djubouti— has arrived in Burma on Wednesday 13th 2013; who have been denied to access Burma due to nationwide Buddhist ultra-nationalistic protest backed by regime after the union government agreement last year. The delegation has been greeted by Buddhist protestors (the ultra-nationalists). Among the protestors some are—main puppets of pseudo pro-democracy dissident Suu Kyi who are backed by herself to win landslide victory in upcoming 2015 nationwide presidential poll and rascals of the quasi-civilian regime led by world class liar president Thein Sein who are defended by the president himself and the pseudo monks who are backed by pseudo monks (Burmese Buddhist extremist association) led by notorious monk Wirathu who is worldwide named as The Face of Buddhist Terror.

    “The Commission decided to send their own fact-finding mission to Myanmar to assess the situation of Rohingya Muslims. It also considered organizing a seminar/workshop on interfaith dialogue regrouping Buddhist and Muslim religious leaders,” the official minutes said recently.

    Moreover, the prime ambition of OIC delegation is to investigate the real situation of Rohingya ethnic minority fundamentally in displaced areas of strife-torn Arakan state, to create platform to bring mutual comprehension between the two ethnic group Rohingya Muslim and Rakhine Buddhists and to pave path for easy lives of both communities in Arakan state.
    The delegation met with vice president in the capital on Thursday and discussed peace and stability of Rakhine state and rehabilitation in the region, according to the state-run new light of Myanmar.

    Paradoxically, the world class liar, Burmese president Thein Sein has been playing the great roles designed in ethnocentrism so that the world body cannot evidently differentiate the fragile democracy transition and the ongoing genocide of Rohingya and other ethnic Muslims.

    Whenever independent institutions arrive in Myanmar to observe the strife-torn areas—western Burma, central Burma and some other cities where Muslims are victimized by Buddhists, every institution have to face the state backed angry protest that is staged in the designated areas of the regime.

    The reports that are exposed by some international bodies concerning discrimination and injustice on Rohingya—Quintana, UN special envoy on human rights in Burma reiteratively stated that the camps sheltering Rohingya and other Muslims felt more like a prison than a camp and dire situation, a United States, Swiss and British delegation visited Rakhine and on Thursday 14th November 2013 concluded that the humanitarian situation there “remains dire”, over a year after the first outbreak of unrest and inequality between Muslim and Buddhist Rakhine camps was “clearly evident”, “Rohingya are almost to be extinct from the land, Arakan western Myanmar” by Ms. Anna Jones BBC reporter in 2010,etc.

    But world is out of notice to the hidden crimes of Burmese genocidal rulers and its pseudo democrat followers —the Burmese Killer President Thein Sein criminally silent to tackle the violence created by his rascals on Rohingya since amidst June 2012( who called the Islamophobia mentor monk wirathu as Son of Lord Buddha and his term for Rohingya is Bengalee, the illegal immigrants from neighboring Bangladesh despite the fact that Rohingya have strict official evidences that they have been living there since before the 8th century AD), the Burmese government’s Deputy Information Minister Ye Htut who reiteratively utter that no more better conditions are considered for Rohingya( a kind of hatred to encourage Buddhists to trigger violence against Muslims) , an official instigation to Islamophobia in facebook since June 2012 by Hmuu Zaw(an officer from the Burmese President’s Office), the paranoid ultra-nationalist Rakhine Hitler Dr. Aye maung, in his interview with Venus News Journal on June 14, 2012, said, “The Rakhine state should be established in the way Israel was initially established and so on.”

    The Buddhist extremist (state backed rascals) led by Buddhist monks staged series of protests immorally in the designated areas where the OIC delegation wished to visit. Religion and nationalism are neither a similar word nor similar to respective definitions.

    However, the Buddhist radical wearing monastic robes of monks preach that to protect the nation and the religion is their obligation. And their sponsors (the Buddhist authorities) are silent and inaction against the insulting Islam or inciting hatred against the Rohingya and other Muslims. The drama of the Budhist extremist monks—Monk Pyinya Tharmi from Sittwe said the demonstration, carried out with official approval by local authorities, was joined by over 5,000 people even though it was only approved for 500 participants on Friday 15th November 0213.

    Woefully, it is to be expressed that these kinds of brutalities of Burmese quasi-civilian regime with double standard policies on Rohingya is in fact deplorable and absolutely injustice.
    How do the monks chant immorally to the international delegations whoever visit Burma to investigate the plight of Rohingya without official approval?

    Apparently, all the protests staged by the monks are the hidden campaign of the Burmese regime to escape prosecution of Rohingya genocide and to earn more money from NGOs to maneuver the militaristic regime in the name of helping Rohingya.

    Immediately, it is very alarming that the state backed Buddhist extremists might resume possibly violence according to the central government command after the departure of OIC delegation led by Secretary General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu.

    Therefore, UN,AI,HRW,UNHCR,UNICEF,WHO,ASEAN,OIC ,etc must urge Burmese regime to save the Rohingya from the brutalities of the state backed extremists led by monks.