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Police Harassment Northern Arakan State

Maung Daw (Burma Times) Maung Hla Myint, A student of the village, U Shin kya (Bura-shida para¬) said, a group of police came to the village , U Shin Kya (Bura-shida para) under the Maung Daw township. The group said that they got information of a group of armed robbers who came to the said village.
So the group of police came to prevent the armed robbers from committing any kind of robberies inside the village and to avoid the any bad occurrence. The police are provisionally staying at a shop near the U Shin Kya river bank closed to the village. Until the student reporting, none of the police enter to the village and disturb to any villager.
The villagers are worrying a lot though there was no any report of harassment by the police to the villagers. It is because the police and military personnel carried out arbitrary arrest to the villagers by making false charge since the violence outbreak in the region. That is why many villagers are hiding and leaving the village keeping their women and children in home. Their women and children are starving and facing difficulties as they don’t have any income. Many of the families in the village are going through the miserable poverty condition after their man’s departure. The villagers left for neighboring country Bangladesh with the intention of going to Muslim majority country such as Malaysia, Indonesia, etc by taking perilous journey through the sea.
The villagers were engulfed with fear of arbitrary arrest that police may start at anytime. Sometimes, the villagers have to pay extortion 500kyats per person while going from the village to Maung Daw town. The villagers were free from any kind of sadness before the police group appears to the village he added.
On 08 October, The above student again reported that the police started harassing to the villagers what they doubted. That is the police ordered to the village administrator Amir Hakim for the arrangement of their living and food until they send further notice. The administrator called to a meeting to the villagers for the arrangement of what the police had ordered. On the following day 80 villagers attended to the meeting and the administrator told in the meeting about the collecting of 500kyats per family in every month until he gives next order.
There are 700 families in the village and they are worrying about how to provide the cash while it becomes challenging for the villagers to survive.  Another student from Kan Kyi Pyin (faskri bil ) village of  the Baguna Village tract under the Buthidaung Township reported that none of the Muslims labors are allowed to carry the goods of  the ship that comes from Sittwe (Akyab) to Buthidaung regularly .Only non-muslims were given permission to carry the goods of  the ship. So many daily labors are wondering jobless in the town and very few labors are allowed to work in the godown.
Therefore, many families left the village and went to neighboring country because they didn’t find any daily work for their survival in the village and town as the movement is limited in the town.
Source BurmaTimes