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    Declaration to submit petition for the confiscated land of Rohingya

    (Burma Times) BY Maung Hla Myint – According to the villagers of
    Atwin Nga Tay village tract, City peace and development council (Ma-Ya-Ka) and
    land registry has released notification to submit petition for the confiscated
    Rohingya land.
    The land was confiscated for the battalions and pagoda in 1988
    and 1994. There were hundreds of acre land that was confiscated for battalions
    and one hundred acre for the pagoda that is located in Dom Pine village, a
    Buddhist village near the Kin Daung village tract. In fact it was belonged to
    Kin Daung villagers. The land which was seized for the pagoda was allocated two
    acre to every family of the Dom Pine villagers (Buddhists) in last may.
    Incredibly, the City peace & development council and land
    registry have sent letters to the village administrator of kin Daung about
    submitting petition for the confiscated land of kin Daung villagers before
    second December. The petition Is for those hundred acre land which are locating
    around the pagoda. Unfortunately there is no any declaration of the government
    official for other villagers about submitting petition for their confiscated
    But the villagers are worrying if the notification turns to fake
    ( i.e it is the show off of the Myanmar authority for the international
    community). Her,I mentioned some villagers name and their confiscated acre land
    list below.
    1. Mv Alijuhar s/o Zar Ali one acre
    2. AshawZawma s/o Furuk Ahmed four acre
    3. Mazalal s/o Adusawbi four acre
    4. Abjulla two acre
    5. Md Sultan s/o Sayedakbar 24 acre
    6. Ayup Khan s/o Md Khan two acre
    7. Md Zama s/o Furuk ahmed two acre
    8. Dil Mohamed s/o Furuk ahmed two acre
    9. Ali Ahmed s/o Mogul Ahmed three acre, etc.
    There are hundreds of villagers who lost their land are from Kin
    Daung , Atwin nga tay ,Sein Daung, Tankyak kan, Lay Myro, Dabru Chaung, Nanra
    Goon villages and so on.