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Breaking News: Rakhine Terrorists Burn Down Two-Century-Old Mosque in Maungdaw

M.S. Anwar |
November 23, 2013
Maungdaw, Arakan:
At 9:30PM on 23rd November 2013, Rakhines terrorists burnt down a
two-century-old mosque called Hakim Ali Masjid located at the village tract of
Myo Thu Gyi (Hain-Da Fara) andnearby the monastery of “Three-Mile Quarter,”
Maungdaw. The terrorists torched the mosque on their way back home after
torching Maungdaw Municipal Market. (Earlier Report:
“The Rakhine
terrorists who had earlier torched Rohingya shops at Maungdaw Municipal Market
were apparently going back home. There is a two-century old mosque called Hakim
Ali Masjid located at the southern part of Maungdaw-Buthidaung Highway and
nearby the monastery of “Three-Mile Quarter.” It falls under the tract of the
village of Myo Thu Gyi (Hain-Da Fara), Maungdaw.
The terrorists were
discontented as they were unable to burn down all Rohingyas’ shops at the
Municipal Market due to the arrival of Military and taking in charge of the
security. Electricity Department and Telecommunication Department of Maungdaw
conspired with Rakhine terrorists in putting Rohingyas’ shops on fire. The
telecommunication department switched off GSM Mobile Network so that people
can’t inform military about the burning of the shops. Somehow, military arrived
at the scene and prevented Rakhines from further damaging Rohingyas’ shops.
So, they were
apparently going back home. On the way, they torched and razed the mosque.
It is a lonely
mosque and has not been in use for long because the authority didn’t allow
Rohingyas to repair it (the mosque). And the nearest Rohingya village is 1km
away. However, there is a camp of Security Force (Hlun Htein). And they allowed
the terrorists to burn down the historical mosque. It was built in 1810 CE”
said a Rohingya from a nearby village.