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Who is behind the revival of state-sponsored strife on Muslims in Burma

Photo FB of Ko Swe Win) Rakhines in Thandwe, armed with swords and spikes and wearing red-color headbands, on a rampaging round in well-organized campaigns to locate and attack the Muslims and torch their properties on Oct 1, 2013.

October 03, 2013

BurmaTimes (Ibrahim Shah) Again, fresh wave of violence, the state-sponsored strife against Rohingya and Kaman and other ethnic Muslims—concealed methods of expulsion Muslims i.e. Hidden genocide— led by Genocidal President Thein Sein and RNDP chair Vet. Aye Maung and Burmese terrorist leader monk Virathu from Mandalay is revived in Thandwe or Sandoway on 29th September2013.

A Rakhine youth placed his motorcycle in front of the entrance of the shop owned by Kaman Muslim. When the shopkeeper requested to move the vehicle, the youth abused him and on the double, ran away in the village and propagated hatred inciting news that Kaman Muslims insult Buddhism and the 969 campaign, the notorious Campaign of Islamophobia.

Amidships the assault by the Rakhine Buddhist terrorists, more than 70 houses are burned down and 5 are killed and many are injured and hundreds of Kaman Muslims are hiding in forest due to no security is for them there.

“The Kaman Muslims are without food and without clothes right now.”

To discuss this, Inside Story with presenter Jane Dutton, is joined by guests: Maung Zarni, a visiting fellow at the London School of Economics and specialist on Burmese affairs; and Debbie Stothard, the coordinator of Altsean-Burma, the Alternative Asean Network on Burma Human Rights Network.

” … in many cases security forces have participated in the programmes against first Roghinya and then Muslims of different ethnic groups … what is more important is to actually look at who really is behind these [waves of] violence …. This is not simple communal violence … there is something else going on.

-Dr. Maung Zarni is an exile, commentator, critic and expert on the political affairs of Myanmar. His research interests include the political economy of violence, international development and conflict, as well as democratic transitions in Asia.

Actually, the key role player behind the strife against the Rohingya and Kaman and other ethnic Muslims is the president Thein Sein,the state chief call the Rohingya by a hatred term- Benglee and exhorted MPs to refrain from raising voices concerning Rohingya in the Parliament.
– Debbie Stothard, the coordinator of Altsean-Burma

“This whole situation … in all of Burma has been escalated to a point where people are extremely paranoid … and all it takes one cleverly placed rumour, or random event, to spark the violence, and the authorities are also responsible for this, because one of the most notorious people online inciting hatred and violence against Muslims is Ye Htut, who … is a director of the presidency office and … also functions as the presidency’s spokesman.”

-Debbie Stothard, the coordinator of Altsean-Burma